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Sheikh Abd el Qurna

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Tomba di ramose sheikh abd el qurna

The necropolis of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna (Arabic: شيخ عبدالقرنة‎‎) is located on the West Bank at Thebes in Upper Egypt. It is part of the archaeological area of Deir el-Bahari.


Named after the doomed tomb of the local saint. This is the most frequently visited cemetery on the Theban west bank, with the largest concentration of private tombs.

Tomba di sennefer sheikh abd el qurna www my egypt it


  • TT21 User, Scribe, Steward of king Thutmose I
  • TT22 Wah, later usurped by Meryamun
  • TT23 – Tjay
  • TT30 Khonsmose, Amun treasury official, Ramesside
  • TT31 – Khonsu
  • TT38 Djeserkaraseneb, Scribe, Counter of grain in the granary of the divine offerings of Amun
  • TT41 Amenemopet called Ipy, Amun temple high steward
  • TT42 Amenmose, Captain of troops, Eyes of the King in the Two Lands of the Retenu
  • TT43 Neferrenpet, Overseer of the kitchen (stores?) of Pharaoh
  • TT44 Amenemhab, wab-priest in front of Amun
  • TT45 Djehuty, Steward of high priest of Amun Mery
  • TT46 Ramose, Steward of the Mansion of the Aten, Fanbearer at the right of the King, Overseer of the granaries of Upper and Lower Egypt
  • TT50 - TT139:

  • TT51 – Userhat called Neferhabef
  • TT52 – Nakht
  • TT55 – Ramose
  • TT57 – Khaemhat called Mahu
  • TT66 – Hepu
  • TT69 – Menna
  • TT71 – Senenmut (unused)
  • TT83 - Amethu called Ahmose
  • TT96 – Sennefer
  • TT100 – Rekhmire
  • TT109 – the tutor Min
  • TT120 – Anen
  • TT170 Nebmehyt, Scribe of recruits of the Ramesseum in the estate of Amun
  • TT171 Unknown
  • TT224 Ahmose Humay (J'h-ms, Hm.j), Overseer of the estate of the God's Wife, Overseer of the double granaries of the God's Wife Ahmose-Nefertary
  • TT225 unknown / perhaps Amenemhet, High priest of Hathor
  • TT226 Heqareshu (Hq3-ršw), Royal scribe, Overseer of nurses of the king
  • TT227 Unknown
  • TT228 Amen(em)mose (Jmn-msj(w)), Scribe of the Amun treasury
  • TT229 Unknown
  • TT230 Men (?) (Mn), Scribe of troops of Pharaoh
  • TT249 Neferrenpet (Nfr-rnp.t), supplier of dates/cakesin the temple of Amenhotep III
  • TT251 Amenmose, Royal scribe, Overseer of cattle of Amun, Overseer of magazine of Amun
  • TT252 Senimen (Sn(.j)-mn(.w)), Steward, Nurse of the God's Wife
  • TT259 Hori (Hr.j), wab-priest, Scribe in all the monuments of the estate of Amun, Head of the outline-draughtsmen in the Gold House of the Amun domain
  • TT263 Piay (Pj3jj), Scribe in the granary in the Amun domain, Scribe of accounts in the Ramesseum
  • TT269 Unknown
  • TT280 Meketre (Mk.t(.j)-R'), Chief Steward, Chancellor, early Middle Kingdom
  • TT309 Unknown
  • TT317 Thutnefer, Scribe of the counting of corn in the granary of divine offerings of Amun
  • TT318 Amenmose, Necropolis-worker of Amun
  • TT331 Penne (P3-n-njwt, P3-n-nwt) called Sunero (Srr, Sw-n-r3), High priest of Monthu
  • TT341-TT351

  • TT343 – Benia
  • TT367 Paser, Head of the Bowmen, Child of the nursery, Companion of His Majesty
  • TT368 Amenhotep Huy, Overseer of sculptors of Amun in Thebes
  • TT384 Nebmehyt (Nb-mhj.t), Priest of Amun in the Ramesseum
  • TT385 Hunefer (H3w-nfr), Mayor of Thebes, Overseer of the granary of divine offerings of Amun
  • TT391 Kerebasken (K3-r-b3-s3-kn, Krbskn), Prophet of Khonsemweset-Neferhotep, Fourth prophet of Amun, Mayor of the City
  • TT397-TT400

  • TT403 Merymaat (Mrj-m3'.t), Temple scribe, Steward
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