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Shaul Shay

Name  Shaul Shay

Role  Author
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Books  Islamic Terror and the Balka, Somalia between Jihad and, Axis Of Evil: Iran - Hizballah, The Red Sea Terror Triangle, The Endless Jihad

Trt world shaul shay talks to trt world about israel palestine tensions

Shaul Shay (born 1955) is a military historian and former deputy head of the National Security Council (Israel).


Shay holds the PhD from Bar Ilan University and is a (reserve) Colonel in the Israel Defense Forces. He is a senior research fellow at the International Policy Institute for counter Terrorism (ICT) located within the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Israel.

Shy is the author of sixteen books on terrorism, including:

  • Global jihad and the tactic of terror abduction : a comprehensive review of Islamic terrorist organizations 2014
  • Islamic terror and the Balkans, 2007
  • Somalia between jihad and restoration, 2008
  • The shahids : Islam and suicide attacks, 2004
  • Dr shaul shay military historian and former deputy head of the national security council of israel


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