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Sharon Beder

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Name  Sharon Beder

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Books  Global Spin: The Corporat, Environmental Principles and Polici, Selling the Work Ethic, The nature of sustainab, Power Play

Interview sharon beder the corporate manipulation of community values

Sharon Beder is an honorary professor in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia. Her research has focused on how power relationships are maintained and challenged, particularly by corporations and professions. She has written 10 books, and many articles, book chapters and conference papers, as well as designing teaching resources and educational websites.



Beder initially trained and worked as a civil engineer before becoming interested in the social, political and philosophical aspects of engineering and then environmental politics. She completed a PhD in Science and Technology Studies at the University of NSW in 1989 based on research into the process of engineering decision-making using a case study on the development of Sydney's sewerage system.


Before joining the University of Wollongong in 1992, Beder was Environmental Education Co-ordinator at the University of Sydney. She has also been Chairperson of the Environmental Engineering Branch of the Institution of Engineers, Sydney, President of the Society for Social Responsibility in Engineering, and a director of the Earth Foundation Australia.


Beder was included in a list of "Australia's most influential engineers", published by Engineers Australia in 2004. She was also included in Bulletin Magazine's "Smart 100" in 2003. Awards received include:

  • High Commendation for IEAust Award for Cultural Change in Engineering Education, 1998
  • Michael Daley Award for Excellence in Science, Technology and Engineering Journalism, 1992
  • Media Prize, Australian Surfers Hall of Fame, 1990.
  • Books

  • Beder, Sharon. (1989). Toxic Fish and Sewer Surfing. (Allen & Unwin, Sydney)
  • Beder, Sharon. (1996). The Nature of Sustainable Development. (Scribe Publications, Melbourne)
  • Beder, Sharon. (1998). The New Engineer: Management and Professional Responsibility in a Changing World. (Macmillan, Melbourne)
  • Beder, Sharon. (1997). Global Spin: The Corporate Assault on Environmentalism (Green Books, Devon, UK, October 1997, 2nd edition – May 2002, ISBN 1-903998-09-3)
  • Beder, Sharon (2000). Selling the work ethic: From puritan pulpit to corporate PR. Australia: Scribe Publications. ISBN 0-908011-48-2. 
  • Beder, Sharon (2003). Power Play: The fight for control of the world's electricity. Australia: Scribe Publications. ISBN 0-908011-97-0. 
  • Beder, Sharon. (2006). Environmental Principles and Policies (UNSW Press, Sydney, Australia Paperback, ISBN 978-0-86840-857-6, Publication date: September 2006) & EARTHSCAN, London, UK Paperback, ISBN 978-1-84407-404-4, Publication date: October 2006).
  • Beder, Sharon. (2006). Suiting Themselves: How Corporations Drive the Global Agenda. (Earthscan, London)
  • Beder, Sharon. (2006). Free Market Missionaries: The Corporate Manipulation of Community Values. (Earthscan, London)
  • Beder, Sharon. (2009). This Little Kiddy Went to Market: The Corporate Capture of Childhood. (Pluto Press, London)
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