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Sevgi Çağal

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Name  Sevgi Cagal

Sevgi Çağal Sevgi aal Tuval zerine yal boya Sanat Galerisi

Sevgi a al

Sevgi Çağal, born on February 17, 1957 in New York City, U.S. is a Turkish painter and sculptor.


Sevgi was educated in French Linguistics at the New York University from 1974 to 1978, from where she received a BA degree. In 1976, Çağal studied History of Arts in Paris, France. She completed her education with a MA degree in French Linguistic and Literature at NYU in 1980.

She moved to Turkey in 1987, and lives since then in İstanbul. Between 1990 and 1998, Çağal worked in some art workshops of her masters. She opened her own workshop in 1997.

Her works are recognized by theır round forms and vibrant color. They can be found in collectıons all over in Europe, USA and parts of Asia. Her latest works are of tulips, abstracted so that they have a life of their own. The previous works consisted of almost magnified detail of organic forms. Detail has always been important to her: she believes the essence of being is hidden in the detail and tulips, rather the form of the tulip, to her consists of the folds and the forms we may find in all living things.

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  • 1992-Ümit Yaşar Gallery, İstanbul
  • 1995-Robert College Alumni Gallery, İstanbul
  • 1997-Cemal Reşit Rey Gallery, İstanbul
  • 1998-Akatlar Cultural Center, İstanbul
  • 1998-Asmalımescit Art Gallery, İstanbul
  • 1999-Koç University, İstanbul
  • 1999-Koç-Allianz Art Gallery, İstanbul
  • 1999-Profilo Art Gallery, İstanbul
  • 1999-Almelek Art Gallery, İstanbul
  • 1999-Lyons Den Art Gallery, Dallas, Texas, USA
  • 2000-Yantra Gallery, İstanbul
  • 2001-Agora Gallery, Soho, New York City, NY, USA
  • 2001-Asmalımescit Gallery, İstanbul
  • 2001-The First Woman's Biennale, İstanbul
  • 2001-Çekirdek Art Contest -İstanbul
  • 2002-Antik Art Gallery, İstanbul
  • 2002-İstanbul Art Fair, İstanbul
  • 2003-Ankart - 3rd Ankara Art Fair, Ankara
  • 2003-İstanbul International Art Fair, TÜYAP, İstanbul
  • 2004-Bridge From West To East, Germany
  • 2004-Dem-Art Art Gallery, İstanbul
  • 2004-İstanbul International Art Fair, TUYAP,İstanbul
  • 2005-İstanbul International Art Fair
  • 2005-İstanbul Atatürk Cultural Center
  • 2006-Gallery 19, İstanbul
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