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Sergio Bustamante (artist)

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Name  Sergio Bustamante
Role  Artist

Sergio Bustamante (artist) Sergio Bustamante Art Art

Education  University of Guadalajara

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Sergio Bustamante is a Mexican Artist and sculptor. Though born in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico, Sergio Bustamante has lived in the Guadalajara area since early childhood. In his youth, he studied architecture at the University of Guadalajara, but abandoned this pursuit when his talents and interests drew him to the fine arts and crafts.


Sergio Bustamante (artist) Sergio Bustamante Mexican Artist Creates Fantasy in

He began with paintings and paper mache figures, inaugurating the first exhibit of his works at the Galeria Misracha in Mexico City in 1966. In the early 1970s, he traveled to Amsterdam, where he further developed his talents. After his return to Guadalajara, he established in 1975, along with other artists, the "Family Workshop Studio" in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico.

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While Bustamante's works initially focused on painting and paper mache, his talents led, in the mid-1970s, to the creation of sculptures in wood and bronze, many reflecting animal themes. 1979 marked the inauguration of innovative furniture designs in wood and glass with bronze accents, currently available in distinctive patterns and motifs. The creation of ceramic sculptures in the mid-1980s provided avenues for the use of color and form in ways not previously explored. In 1992, the initiation of an extensive line of exquisite jewelry in bronze, gold and silver, many set with precious and semi-precious stones and, again, often reflecting animal themes, marked a new and expansive direction for his creations. In this same year, a new series of paper mache sculptures was introduced. In the new millennium, Bustamante continues to explore new paths for the further expression of his imaginative and gifted talents.

Sergio Bustamante (artist) Sergio Bustamante Mexican Artist Creates Fantasy in

Each piece belongs to a limited edition and is created by hand, therefore unique. A certificate of authenticity duly signed by the artists itself is attributed to each sculpture. All works are of very good quality, and pieces of small and big size up to four meters high are available. The Mexican government has even elected them for official gifts to state governors and to high personalities. Since the 1960s, Sergio Bustamante has been internationally recognized in the world of creative arts and crafts. His works are on demand around the globe in such countries as Mexico, United States, Japan, Europe, and recently Russia; giving the probability that his works will increase in value over the years.

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