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Country  South Korea
Province  Gyeonggi Province
Region  Sudogwon
Population  914,590 (2000)
Area  141.70 km2

Seongnam Seongnam
Colleges and Universities  Academy of Korean Studies, Shingu College, Dong Seoul College, Seoul Health College, Seongnam Polytechnic College

Map of Seongnam

Seongnam ([sʌŋ.nam]) is the second largest city in South Korea's Gyeonggi Province after Suwon and the 10th largest city in the country. Its population is approximately one million. Seongnam is a satellite city of Seoul. It is largely a residential city located immediately southeast of Seoul and belongs to the Seoul National Capital Area.


Seongnam Seongnam

Seongnam, the first planned city in Korea's history, was conceived during the era of President Park Chung-Hee for the purpose of industrializing the nation by concentrating electronic, textile, and petrochemical facilities there during the 1970s and 1980s. The city featured a network of roads, to Seoul and other major cities, from the early 1970s on. Today, Seongnam has merged with the metropolitan network of Seoul. Bundang, one of districts in Seongnam, was developed in the 1990s.

Seongnam httpsiytimgcomviXRtI6UqFNschqdefaultjpg

To accelerate the dispersion of Seoul's population to its suburbs and relieve the congested Seoul metropolitan area, the Korean government has provided stimulus packages to large public corporations and private companies to be headquartered in the Bundang district. Bundang-gu is now home to prominent companies such as KT (formerly Korea Telecom), Korea Gas Corporation, KEPCO, and Korea Land Corporation.

In recent years, a movement to have Seongnam designated a metropolitan city capable of governing itself has arisen.

In August 2009, the city of Seongnam decided to merge with the city of Hanam, also in Gyeonggi-do.

The city is also home to K League football club Seongnam FC.

Classic free kick and unlucky owngoal as seongnam draw with nagoya

Seongnam tollgate seoulvillage com


  • Miscellaneous:
  • Administrative districts

    Seongnam is divided into 3 "gu" (구, "ward"):

  • Bundang-gu
  • Jungwon-gu
  • Sujeong-gu
  • Economy

    Nowcom has its headquarters in Bundang, Seongnam.

    Pangyo Technovalley is the premier industrial complex in Seongnam.


  • Seongnam FC is a professional football club that currently plays in the K League Challenge.
  • Education

    The city's only international school is Korea International School - Pangyo.


  • Bundang Line
  • Gyeonggang Line
  • Seoul Metropolitan Subway Line 8
  • Shinbundang Line
  • Bus
  • (Red Bus)
  • 90OO, 93OO, 94OO (OO means another number excl. 01) to Gangnam-gu or Jung-gu, Seoul
  • (Green Bus)- Gyeonggi Bus
  • Green bus to Seoul, Gwangju, Yongin, western Gyeonggi, National Road
  • National Road number 3-Gwangju-Yatap-Sangdaewon-Seongnam IC-Gachon University Station-Seoul
  • Expressway
  • Seoul Ring Expressway (road number 100)
  • Gyeongbu Expressway (road number 1)
  • Yongin-Seoul Expressway (road number 171)
  • Bundang-Suseo City Road (road number 81)
  • Bundang-Naegok City Road (road number 81)
  • Sister Cities

  • Piracicaba, Brazil (May 28, 1986)
  • Aurora, Colorado, United States (July 27, 1992)
  • Shenyang, China (August 31, 1998)
  • Namangan, Uzbekistan (November 30, 2009)
  • Korea top 10 s2e0404 stirfry food restaurant that only serves five groups a day 23


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