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Number of employees

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Traded as
NASDAQ: SMTCS&P 600 Component

Key people
Rockell N. Hankin (Chairman of the Board), Mohan R. Maheswaran (President and CEO)

Stock price
SMTC (NASDAQ) US$ 34.35 +0.50 (+1.48%)24 Mar, 4:00 PM GMT-4 - Disclaimer

Camarillo, California, United States

Mohan Maheswaran (3 Apr 2006–)

Semtech (International) AG


Semtech product overview rclamp7534p

Semtech Corporation is a supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors. It is based in Camarillo, Ventura County, Southern California.


The company sells proprietary solutions and breakthrough technology in power management, protection, advanced communications, human interface, test & measurement, as well as wireless and sensing products. The Company's integrated circuits (ICs) are employed in communications, computer and computer-peripheral, automated test equipment, industrial and other commercial applications.


  • 1960 - founded
  • 1967 - becomes publicly traded company
  • 1990 - acquires Lambda
  • 1995 - acquires ECI Semiconductor
  • 1997 - acquires Edge Semiconductor
  • 1998 - acquires Acapella
  • 1999 - acquires USAR Systems
  • 2005 - acquires Xemics
  • 2009 - acquires Sierra Monolithics
  • 2012 - acquires Gennum Corporation
  • Products

    Power Management ICs
    Semtech supplies power management ICs used in telecommunications and industrial equipment, portable devices, computers, and networks. Their products include products for the telecom industry, and low power, small-package, high-efficiency products for cell phones, handsets, notebook PCs and other portable devices. In addition, they continue to supply power products that enable architectures from companies such as Intel and AMD.

    ESD Protection
    Semtech provides TVS (Transient Voltage Suppression) diodes that safeguard low voltage circuits against damage or latch-up caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD), lightning, and other destructive voltage transients. Their circuit protection products feature low clamping voltage, low capacitance, and low leakage current. And, they meet the industry’s toughest transient immunity standards, including those of IEC, ETSI, Bellcore 1089 and FCC part 68.

    Wireless & Sensing
    Semtech provides integrated, short range wireless connectivity solutions (up to 1 km / 0.6miles) for Personal Area Networks and Home & Building Automation Networks. These ultra-low power, low-voltage products deliver voice, pressure, temperature, acceleration, time, position, speed, and other analog inputs through a short-range wireless link, while delivering data/commands to sensors and actuators to perform the desired function in personal or local networks. Typical applications include home automation, remote metering and control, GPS positioning for asset tracking, hearing aids and wireless headsets.

    Advanced Communications
    Semtech timing synchronization products, power controllers, power regulators, transient voltage suppressors, high-speed line drivers, and ECL clock/logic devices are employed throughout optical telecom networks.

    Test & Measurement
    Semtech supplies products and technology to manufacturers of automated testing equipment. They offer pin electronic solutions consisting of driver/comparator/loads, PMUs, DACs, deskews, signal and clock distribution, power, and protection products. And they use a variety of process/design sources to offer products which support a wide range of automated testing equipment.

    Power Discretes
    Semtech supplies power products in axial or surface-mount discretes, or in various custom assembly configurations. The designs are in packages that are hermetic and varied in their overall function and construction. These products range from single- to multi-phase devices in high-current/high-voltage configurations. Among their uses are power supplies, base stations, motor drives, and medical equipment. Custom devices are available.


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