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Sefton Short Film Festival

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S2F2, the Sefton Short Film Festival was an independent film festival based in Sefton, Merseyside to the North of Liverpool. The festival first began in 2005.


This annual event ran for 2 days in October and exhibited a number of short films, spread over 12 hours of screenings. The 2007 Sefton Short Film Festival exhibited 65 films and attracted submissions and guests from across the world.

The festival was originally established in 2005 by Ann Monks. It was intended not only to be a place where new filmmakers can have a chance to have their work seen by a larger audience, but also as a way to get more people interested in short films as a medium.

The festival had also funded local filmmakers by organising film production courses. These courses covered all aspects of film making, from initial visualisation and script writing, through planning and shooting including camera work and sound recording, down to final editing and post production techniques.

The festival had been supported by Frank Cottrell Boyce, writer of Millions and 24 Hour Party People, Sally Bankes from Little Britain and Opiate Of The People Films.

Submissions for the S2F2 short film festival were welcomed from around the world and were usually accepted from April.


S2F2 2008

Best Film of 2008 Tomorrow's Forecast

Writer, Director: David Hewitt Producer: Mani Sohanpal Cast: James Miller

Best Foreign Film of 2008 Porque Hay Cosas Que Nunca Se Oluidant (Because There Are Things You Never Forget)

Director, Writer: Lucas Figueroa Producer: LMF Cast: Fabio Cannavaro, Amedeo Carboni, Emiliana Olmedo

Best Animation of 2008 1977

Director, Writer: Peque Varela Producer: Gain Humphries

Best Sefton Themed Film of 2008 Giri

Director: Mags Scholes Writer: Alan Fleet Producer: Darren Horne Cast: Terry Ezra, Terry O'Neil, Debbie Howard.

S2F2 2007

1st Prize: Fetch

Writer, Director: Dana Dorian Producer: Sam McCarthy Animator:- Steve Townrow

2nd Prize: My Mum The Wrestler

Writer, Director: Mark Withers Producer: Martina Goodman Cast: Martina Goodman, Paige Goodman

3rd Prize: I Met The Walrus

Writer, Director: Josh Raskin Producer: Jerry Levitan Animators: Alex Kurina, James Braithwaite, Josh Raskin

Best Sefton Themed Film at S2F2 2007 awarded to: Boxing Clever

Director, Producer: Tim Brunsden Cast: Members of the North Mersey Sporting Club

S2F2 2006

1st Prize: Stripped

Writer, Director and Producer: Mark Jackson Cast: Ashlie Walker

2nd Prize: I Slide

Writer, Director and Producer: Alex Buckley Cast: Demetrios Soarakis, Tori Jones, Tania Pusins, Philip Bland

3rd Prize: Lost Tickets

Writer, Director and Producer: Clare Wilmshurst Cast: Robert Pheby, Daryl Webster

S2F2 2005

1st Prize: The Strand

Writer: Paul Goetzee Director and Producer: Hal Lever

2nd Prize: The Quest

Writer, Director and Producer: Students of St.Vincents, Harold Magnay and Watergate Schools - joint project. Cast: Students of the schools.

3rd Prize: Bar to Bar

Writer: Michael Mackie, Mike Forshaw Director: Mike Forshaw Producer: Jozef Brady Cast: Andrew Cameron, Andy Moran, Marc Cowpland


Due to financial constraints, a decision was made to not hold the festival in 2009.

In April 2010 the festival was closed down for good. A statement on the festival's website read:

"We are extremely sorry to announce that S2F2 has now ceased to operate and can no longer accept films at neither this time nor the foreseeable future! We have striven hard during this past year, to overcome numerous difficulties, in order to once again be in a position to offer the North West one of the best Film Festivals of recent years. Alas it has not proved possible and we are forced to close S2F2 down."


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