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Secretary of State of Arkansas

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The Secretary of State of Arkansas is one of the elected constitutional officers of the U.S. state of Arkansas.


The current Secretary of State is the Republican Mark Martin, a former member of the Arkansas House of Representatives from Washington County in northwestern Arkansas.


The Secretary of State's Office is composed of seven divisions:

  • The Building & Grounds Division maintains the Arkansas State Capitol and its surrounding grounds and gardens.
  • The Business & Commercial Services Division is responsible for filing liens pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code, registering business entities and trademarks, collecting the state franchise tax, and licensing notaries public.
  • The Communications & Education Division provides public education about civics and the History of Arkansas, and produces various state publications.
  • The Elections Division administers elections, regulates campaign finance and lobbying, and ensures compliance with state and federal election laws.
  • The Fiscal Office deals with the internal financial, logistical, and personnel matters of the Office of the Secretary of State. They also distribute the Arkansas and United States flag.
  • The Secretary also runs the State Capitol Gift Shop.
  • The State Capitol Police provide security for the State Capitol building and police services for the Capitol Complex.
  • Other duties

    The Secretary of State also publishes the state's administrative regulations and the state gazette, the Arkansas Register.


    Democrats were elected exclusively to the office of Secretary of State from Reconstruction until the retirement of Charlie Daniels to run for State Auditor in 2010, when the first modern-day Republican to hold the office, Mark Martin, was elected.

  • Robert A. Watkins (D) 1836–1840
  • D. B. Greer 1840–1842
  • John Winfrey (D) 1842
  • D. B. Greer (D) 1842–1859
  • Alexander Boileau (D) 1859–1860
  • S. W. Weaver (D) 1860
  • John I. Stirman (D/Confederate) 1860–1862
  • O. H. Oates (Confederate) 1862–1864
  • Robert J. T. White (R) 1864–1871
  • James M. Johnson (R) 1871–1874
  • Benton B. Beavers (D) 1874–1879
  • Jacob Frolich (D) 1879–1885
  • Elias B. Moore (D) 1885–1889
  • B. B. Chism (D) 1889–1893
  • H. B. Armistead (D) 1893–1897
  • Alexander C. Hull (D) 1897–1901
  • J. W. Crockett (D) 1901–1905
  • O. C. Ludwig (D) 1905–1911
  • Earle W. Hodges (D) 1911–1917
  • Tom J. Terral (D) 1917–1921
  • Ira C. Hopper (D) 1921–1925
  • Jim B. Higgins (D) 1925–1931
  • Ed F. McDonald (D) 1931–1937
  • C. G. “Crip” Hall (D) 1937–1961
  • Nancy J. Hall (D) 1961–1963
  • Kelly Bryant (D) 1963–1975
  • George O. Jernigan Jr. (D) 1975–1977
  • Winston Bryant (D) 1977–1979
  • Paul Riviere (D) 1979–1985
  • William J. “Bill” McCuen (D) 1985–1995
  • Sharon M. Priest (D) 1995–2003
  • Charlie Daniels (D) 2003–2011
  • Mark Martin (R) 2011–present
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