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Second Van Agt cabinet

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The second Van Agt cabinet (1981-1982) was a centre-left coalition between the Christian democrats (CDA), the labour party (PvdA) and the left-wing liberals D66. Many incidents made a healthy coalition impossible. Prime minister Dries van Agt had lots of trouble with the vice-prime minister Joop den Uyl of the labour party. Den Uyl tried to create employment as minister of social affairs. Plans to reform the health insurance act was met with a huge resistance from the left-wing. The cabinet fell because the Christian democrats wanted a cut in government spending, while the labour party was much opposed to this.



  • Prime Minister, General Affairs, Dries van Agt (CDA)
  • Vice Prime Minister, Social Affairs and Employment, Dutch Caribbean Affairs, Joop den Uyl (PvdA)
  • Vice Prime Minister, Economy, Jan Terlouw (D66)
  • Foreign Affairs, Max van der Stoel (PvdA)
  • Justice, Job de Ruiter (CDA)
  • Interior Affairs, Ed van Thijn (PvdA)
  • Education and Sciences, Jos van Kemenade (PvdA)
  • Finance, Fons van der Stee (CDA)
  • Defence, Hans van Mierlo (D66)
  • Housing and Spatial Planning, Marcel van Dam (PvdA)
  • Transport and Water, Henk Zeevalking (D66)
  • Agriculture and Fishery, Jan de Koning (CDA)
  • Culture, Recreation and Social Work, AndrĂ© van der Louw (PvdA)
  • Public Health and Environment Hygiene, Til Gardeniers-Berendsen (CDA)
  • Development Cooperation, Kees van Dijk (CDA)
  • State Secretaries

  • Foreign Affairs, Hans van den Broek (CDA)
  • Interior Affairs
  • Saskia Stuiveling (PvdA) (financial and economical topics, lower public bodies, large cities and municipal restructuring)
  • Gerard van Leijenhorst (CDA)
  • Justice, Michiel Scheltema (D66)
  • Education and Sciences
  • Wim Deetman (CDA)
  • Ad Hermes (CDA)
  • Finance, Hans Kombrink (PvdA)
  • Defence
  • Bram Stemerdink (PvdA)
  • Jan van Houwelingen (CDA), September 14, 1981
  • Housing and Spatial Planning, Siepie de Jong (PvdA)
  • Transport and Water, Jaap van der Doef (PvdA)
  • Economy
  • Wim Dik (D66) (foreign trade)
  • Piet van Zeil (CDA) (small and middle sized companies)
  • Social Affairs and Employment
  • Hedy d'Ancona (PvdA)
  • Ien Dales (PvdA)
  • Culture, Recreation and Social Work, Hans de Boer (CDA)
  • Public Health and Environment Hygiene, Ineke Lambers-Hacquebard (D66)
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