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Second Holt Ministry

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The Second Holt Ministry was the forty-third Australian Commonwealth ministry, and ran from 14 December 1966 to 19 December 1967.


Liberal Party of Australia–Australian Country Party Coalition


  • Rt Hon Harold Holt, CH MP: Prime Minister
  • Rt Hon John McEwen, MP: Minister for Trade and Industry (CP)
  • Rt Hon William McMahon, MP: Treasurer
  • Hon Paul Hasluck, MP: Minister for External Affairs
  • Rt Hon Charles Adermann, MP: Minister for Primary Industry (CP) (to 16 October 1967)
  • Hon Allen Fairhall, MP: Minister for Defence
  • Senator Hon Denham Henty: Minister for Supply
  • Hon Alan Hulme, MP: Postmaster-General, Vice-President of the Executive Council
  • Hon David Fairbairn, MP: Minister for National Development
  • Senator Hon John Gorton: Minister for Works (to 28 February 1967). Minister for Education and Science
  • Hon Leslie Bury, MP: Minister for Labour and National Service
  • Hon Doug Anthony, MP: Minister for the Interior (to 16 October 1967). Minister for Primary Industry (from 16 October 1967) (CP)
  • Hon Ian Sinclair, MP: Minister for Social Services, Minister assisting the Minister for Trade and Industry (in Cabinet from 10 October 1967) (CP)
  • Junior ministry

  • Hon Charles Barnes, MP: Minister for Territories (CP)
  • Hon Gordon Freeth, MP: Minister for Shipping and Transport
  • Hon Reginald Swartz, MBE (Mil) MP: Minister for Civil Aviation
  • Hon Billy Snedden, QC MP: Minister for Immigration
  • Hon Dr James Forbes, MP: Minister for Health
  • Hon Peter Howson, MP: Minister for Air, Minister assisting the Treasurer
  • Senator Hon Ken Anderson: Minister for Customs and Excise
  • Senator Hon Colin McKellar: Minister for Repatriation (CP)
  • Senator Hon Dame Annabelle Rankin, DBE: Minister for Housing
  • Hon Malcolm Fraser, MP: Minister for the Army
  • Hon Nigel Bowen, QC MP: Attorney-General
  • Hon Don Chipp, MP: Minister for the Navy, Minister in charge of Tourist Activities
  • Hon Bert Kelly, MP: Minister for Works (from 28 February 1967)
  • Hon Peter Nixon, MP: Minister for the Interior (from 16 October 1967) (CP)
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