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Second Glance (film)

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Director  Rich Christiano
Music director  Keith Vivrette
Country  United States
5.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama
Language  English
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Release date  1992 (1992)
Writer  Danny Carrales (story), John Newcombe (story), Danny Carrales (screenplay), John Newcombe (screenplay), Michael Martin (screenplay), Rich Christiano (screenplay)
Cast  David A. R. White, Lance Zitron, Denise Weatherly
Screenplay  Rich Christiano, Danny Carrales, Michael Martin, John Newcombe
Similar movies  David A R White appears in Second Glance and The Moment After 2: The Awakening

Second glance review

Second Glance is a 1992 Christian drama film directed by Rich Christiano. It is one of the Christiano Brothers' films to be viewable on Sky Angel's "Video On Demand" service, announced in 2008. The film follows the story of a young Christian, Daniel (David A. R. White), and his great internal conflict at home and in a public high school.


Second Glance (film) Second Glance 1992

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A young Christian, Daniel (David A. R. White) is in public high school. He feels as if his religion is placing too many restrictions on him and he wishes to have some freedom from biblical teachings so that he can be more popular and go out with the girl he likes. One night Daniel wishes that he had "never become a believer," and the next day he has a rude awakening. His room is different, his house is dirty, and an angel meets him and explains to him that the "Heavenly Father" answered his prayer and now his life is as if he never became a Christian. He soon finds out that the two bullies at school are now his best friends and at school he enjoys the fact that the girl he really liked now likes him too.

But all is not well. He goes on to learn that his younger sister no longer exists because his parents got divorced years ago in his alternate life. He is also shocked when his mom prances off to go on a date with someone other than his father (who moved to Los Angeles.) The angel appears and points out his nice car which Daniel got by betting money on football games last year. Daniel says he has never gambled in his life but the angel points out that his life is different now and it is as if he had never been a believer. Daniel also thinks the whole thing a big prank and he does not believe the angel at all.

That night 'Dan' goes to a party which, as a Christian, he would not have attended because alcohol was served. While there, Daniel learns that Scotty Parks, a kid who he had helped convert to Christianity, had committed suicide weeks ago in this alternate reality because Daniel had not been there to talk with him about the Bible. Daniel also gets into some girl trouble and is framed by one of the girls which sends 'Bull,' her boyfriend and a school tough-guy, in pursuit of Daniel. Daniel almost gets hit by a car but makes it to a church where he pounds on the doors, but because they are locked, Bull gets him cornered. But, right before 'Danny-Boy' is pummeled he sees that his shirt has turned back to blue - what it was when he was a Christian, a day before. Bull holds out his hands caringly toward the cringing Daniel and asks him "What's wrong?" and said he saw Daniel banging on a church door in the night and stopped to see what was going on. Daniel says that he is OK and Bull soon leaves.

The angel appears and asks Daniel if he still wished he was a non-believer. They have a conversation and Daniel sees that he really would rather be a Christian and not get into the mess his life became ever again. The next morning he is pleasantly surprised that his sister still lives and his dad is still home. He goes to school and is happy that even though he may not be popular with the 'in crowd,' he was still making a bigger difference than he thought among his friends and others in school. After talking to Scotty, Dan turns back toward camera and says excitedly, "Hey Scotty, ... Jesus, man!" as the credits roll.


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