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Sechura language

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Native to  Peru
Extinct  late 19th century?
Linguist list  qfi
Region  Piura Region
ISO 639-3  None (mis)
Language family  Sechura–Catacao? Sek? Sechura

The Sechura language, also known as Sek, is an extinct language spoken in the Piura Region of Peru, near the port of Sechura. It appears to have become extinct by the beginning of the 20th century.



Sechura is too poorly known to be definitively classified. Kaufman notes that a connection between Sechura and the Catacaoan languages is likely and is supported by lexical evidence.

Sek family

Rivet groups Sechura and Tallán together under the same Sek when he compares them to the Catacaoan languages. In comparing wordlists from Sechura and Tallán, Torero finds six likely cognates between the two:

However, Glottolog says the data is not compelling.


Sechura language Wikipedia

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