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Seaun Eddy

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League  B.League
Listed weight  180 lb (82 kg)
Height  1.91 m
Education  Columbia University
Listed height  6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
College  Columbia University
Weight  82 kg
Position  Shooting guard

High school  American School in Japan

Seaun Eddy is currently a professional basketball player. Prior to his professional sports career, Seaun was an entertainer, a model, and also a professional consultant.


Professional Basketball

Seaun plays for Alvark Tokyo, a team in the 1st division of Japan's professional basketball league, the B.League.  Seaun started playing professional basketball in the B.League in 2016. Prior to playing in the B.League, Seaun was a member of the Japanese national 3 on 3 team between 2015-2016.


Seaun was originally born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. He attended an international school, The American School in Japan, from elementary school until he graduated high school. He then attended Claremont McKenna College, where he majored Economics, and Columbia University, where he majored in Mechanical Engineering.

After graduating from Columbia University, Seaun worked as a professional consultant at the global management consulting firm Bain and Company between the years of 2014-2016.


At the age of 9, Seaun (セオン) and his older brother, Rafai (ラファイ), joined Johnny's Jr., one of Japan's top talent agencies. Seaun aired on T.V. shows 3 times a week (regularly on a musical show called Shonen-Club and a talk show called Hadaka no Shōnen), performed regularly in concerts and musicals, and modeled for magazines. Both Rafai and Seaun left after spending 2 years in Johnny's. Although they were both gaining popularity, especially Rafai who had released a song with his band I.N.G. and appeared in one of Japan's top kids shows names Ponkiki as a weekly main guest, they wanted to invest more of their time in their education, as the busy lifestyle was eating away at the time they spent in school and working on school related assignments.

Once in high school Seaun joined a different agency named Indigo, well known for developing fashion models. He worked as a part-time model for two years until left Japan for college. As a fashion model, Seaun appeared in local magazines such a Men's Non-no and Rolling Stone magazine, wearing clothes designed by Diesel, Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith and Uniqlo.  


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