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Sean Reinert

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Genres  Progressive metal
Role  Drummer
Name  Sean Reinert
Years active  1987–present

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Born  May 27, 1971 (age 44) (1971-05-27)
Instruments  Drums, keyboards, percussion, tabla, vocals
Associated acts  Cynic, AEon Spoke, Death, Gordian Knot, Aghora
Music groups  Cynic (Since 1987), Death (1991 – 1992), AEon Spoke (Since 2000), Gordian Knot, Aghora
Albums  Human, Focus, Avalanche of Worms, Traced in Air, Fate: The Best of Death

Occupation(s)  Musician, songwriter

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Sean Reinert (born May 27, 1971) is the drummer of Æon Spoke. He was also the drummer and founding member of Cynic, until leaving the band in September 2015. He is also regarded as one of the most influential metal drummers of all time due to his album recordings from the early nineties that blew open the doors to the metal/jazz fusion style. He credits such drummers as Dave Miranda, John Bonham, Dave Weckl, Gary Husband and Vinnie Colaiuta as being an important influence in his formative years.


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In 1991, Reinert and Paul Masvidal (also of Cynic) joined the band Death to record the Human album. This album is seen by many as the start of the technical death metal genre. After touring with Death, he returned to Cynic.

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1993 saw the release of Focus (regarded as a landmark release in the field of technical/progressive metal) on the Roadrunner Records label. Roadrunner re-released it in 2005 as a special collector's edition due to high demand. After Cynic's disbandment Reinert had been a member of the Cynic spin-off band Portal which released a demo but eventually disbanded. Having relocated to Los Angeles, Reinert continued working with music by writing and performing for television shows and motion pictures.

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In 1999, Reinert helped form Æon Spoke alongside Masvidal, which is described as an "ethereal rock" band. The band saw releases in 2004 and 2007, receiving national and satellite airplay, performing, hosting radio appearances, and even appearing on television show and motion picture soundtracks.

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During this time in 2006, it was announced that Cynic would reform for a tour which took place in the summer of 2007. The reformed line-up then recorded a follow-up to Focus entitled Traced in Air, which was released in 2008 and followed by more touring. In 2009, a new EP with Cynic was recorded scheduled for release in May 2010.

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As of May 2014, he, along with fellow Cynic member Paul Masvidal, publicly came out as gay.

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Many artists have cited Reinert as an influence, including Peter Wildoer of Darkane, Brann Dailor of Mastodon, Gene Hoglan, Richard Christy, Dirk Verbeuren of Soilwork and Megadeth, Chris Pennie of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Coheed and Cambria, George Kollias of Nile, John Merryman of Cephalic Carnage, Daniel Moilanen of Katatonia, Elliot Hoffman of Car Bomb, Evan Sammons of Last Chance to Reason, and Vishnu Reddy of Crypted.

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In addition, other artists have been quoted expressing admiration for his work including Hannes Grossmann, Kai Hahto of Nightwish, Dan Presland of Ne Obliviscaris, and Danny Walker of Intronaut.


  • Focus (1993)
  • Traced in Air (2008)
  • Re-Traced (2010)
  • Carbon-Based Anatomy (2011)
  • The Portal Tapes (2012)
  • Kindly Bent to Free Us (2014)
  • Other
  • Death − Human (1991)
  • Sean Malone − Cortlandt (1996)
  • Gordian Knot − Gordian Knot (1999)
  • Gordian Knot − Emergent (2003)
  • Aghora − Aghora (2000)
  • Aghora − Formless (2006)
  • Æon Spoke − Above the Buried Cry (2004)
  • Æon Spoke − Æon Spoke (2007)
  • C-187 − Collision (2007)
  • Levi/Werstler – Avalanche of Worms (2010)
  • Sylencer – A Lethal Dose of Truth (2012) (Guest drummer on "Acquiesce")
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