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Sea bass

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Sea bass is a common fish name. Many fish species of various families have been called sea bass.


Family Serranidae

Family Serranidae

  • Genus Paralabrax
  • Barred sand bass (Paralabrax nebulifer), lives mainly off the coast of California.
  • Genus Centropristis
  • Black sea bass (Centropristis striata), whose range is the eastern coast of the United States
  • Genus Caesioperca
  • Butterfly perch (Caesioperca lepidoptera), found in the eastern Indian Ocean, and southwest Pacific Ocean including southern Australia and New Zealand
  • Genus Caprodon
  • Pink maomao (Caprodon longimanus), found in the eastern Indian Ocean, and southern Pacific Ocean including Australia and New Zealand
  • Genus Epinephelus
  • Potato cod (Epinephelus tukula), also known as the potato bass or potato grouper, a large reef fish found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans
  • Dusky grouper (Epinephelus marginatus)
  • Dogtooth grouper (Epinephelus caninus)
  • Genus Hypoplectrodes
  • Redbanded perch (Hypoplectrodes huntii), found in southeastern Australia, and the North Island and northern South Island of New Zealand
  • Genus Trachypoma
  • Toadstool groper (Trachypoma macracanthus), found in the southwest Pacific Ocean
  • Genus Serranus
  • Serranus cabrilla (Comber) (Linnaeus, 1758)
  • Serranus scriba (Painted comber) (Linnaeus, 1758)
  • Other

  • Family Latidae (also called Asian seabass, whose range is the Indo-Pacific, from Australia to India)
  • Genus Hypopterus (Spikey seabass)
  • Hypopterus macropterus
  • Genus Lates (Lates seabass)
  • Lates calcarifer (Bloch, 1790) (Barramundi, Lates seabass)
  • Lates japonicus Katayama & Y. Taki, 1984 (Japanese lates seabass)
  • Genus Psammoperca (Waigeo seabass)
  • Psammoperca waigiensis
  • Family Nototheniidae
  • Genus Dissostichus (Chilean sea bass, a marketing term for the Patagonian toothfish)
  • Dissostichus eleginoides
  • Dissostichus mawsoni
  • Family Moronidae
  • Genus Dicentrarchus (European seabass)
  • Dicentrarchus labrax - European seabass or sea dace
  • Dicentrarchus punctatus - Spotted seabass
  • Family Polyprionidae
  • Genus Stereolepis (Giant sea bass, native to the northern Pacific Ocean)
  • Stereolepis gigas (Giant sea bass)
  • Stereolepis doederleini
  • Family Lateolabracidae
  • Genus Lateolabrax (Japanese seabass, Suzuki (fish), a fish commonly used in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese cuisines. It is also commonly called Suzuki.)
  • Lateolabrax japonicus (G. Cuvier, 1828) (Japanese seabass)
  • Lateolabrax latus Katayama, 1957 (Blackfin seabass)
  • Family Sciaenidae
  • Genus Atractoscion (White seabass)
  • White seabass (Atractoscion nobilis, family Sciaenidae), along the Pacific coast of the United States
  • Genus Pseudotolithus
  • Pseudotolithus senegalensis - cassava croaker
  • Pseudotolithus typus - longneck croaker
  • References

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