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Sea Duel

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Genre(s)  Turn-based Strategy
Developer  Milton Bradley Company
Platform  Microvision
Initial release date  1980
Publisher  Milton Bradley Company
Mode(s)  Single player, Two Player
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Sea Duel is a Microvision video game. It was released as part of the second wave of Microvision games in 1980. The games box describes it as "Naval Battle of Wits."



Sea Duel is a turn-based strategy game. The player chooses to play as a ship or a submarine. The objective of the ship is to hit the sub with depth charges. The objective of the sub is to torpedo the ship. The game can be played by one player versus the computer, or by two players versus each other. The player(s) plots the moves and firing pattern, and then the scenario plays itself out. The player with the most hits by the end of each round is the winner.


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