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Scumbag Hustler

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Initial DVD release  November 18, 2014 (USA)
Country  United States
7.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy, Drama
Screenplay  Sean Weathers
Writer  Sean Weathers
Language  English
Scumbag Hustler movie poster
Director  Sean Weathers, Aswad Issa
Release date  November 18, 2014 (2014-11-18)
Cast  Sybelle Silverphoenix (Tamia Crow), Sean Weathers (Solomon Crow), Chrystal Claire (Mariah), Waliek Crandall (Tyler P. Crow), Delven Adams (Robert), Sammy Bassey (Danny)
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Tagline  How ya like me now?!

Scumbag Hustler is a 2014 American dark comedy exploitation film that was written, edited, co-produced, co-directed, starred and cast by Sean Weathers. The film follows the adventures of Soloman Crow, a hustler whos always on the lookout for his next fix, whether it be sex or drugs. The film has several scenes of unsimulated sex and drug use. It was released on November 18, 2014 through Music Video Distributors. The film won the 2015 TLA Cult Award for best director for Sean Weathers.


Scumbag Hustler movie scenes

Soloman Crow pays a visit to his god fearing, bible quoting, closeted homosexual brother and his sexually repressed wife. He enters their home with a proclamation to kick a drug habit that almost cost him his life. Broke, it doesn't take Soloman long to start conning and scheming his way around the city to feed his ravenous cravings for dope and sex. Even his brother's wife isn't immune to Soloman's mind games... If you want a hero with redeeming qualities, look somewhere else.


Soloman Crow (Sean Weathers) is a drug addict roaming the streets of Manhattan looking for marks to con out of their money and pretty women to con into sex. Looking to get off the streets for a while and kick his drug habit, he visits his brother Tyler P. Crow (Waliek Crandall), a god fearing, bible quoting, closeted homosexual. The character is a parody of playwright and filmmaker Tyler Perry. While staying there Soloman wastes little time running his mind games on his brothers wife, Tamia (Sybelle Silverphoenix), and together they concoct a murder plot against Tyler that goes terribly awry.


In an interview on Channel Awesome with Diamanda Hagan, Weathers talked about the production of the film, stating that it was all shot guerrilla filmmaking style with just a cinematographer, the other actor he was in the scene with and Weathers himself, on the streets of Manhattan without permits. Most of the exterior scenes were shot on one take, often with Weathers improvising when needed to make sure each take was usable.

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Sean Weathers directed Scumbag Hustler and Lust for Vengeance. Sean Weathers directed Scumbag Hustler and House of the Damned. Eaten Alive! (1980). Full Frontal (2002). Mandingo (1975).

Critical reaction

Scumbag Hustler received widespread critical acclaim amongst the indie film community, the consensus was the film was funny and entertaining: Through the Black Hole called it, “A complete package, entertaining, dark and funny. 9/10.� Midnight Triple Feature, called it, “Incredibly entertaining.� DVD Talk said it was, “Energetic and passionate.� The Final Cut said it was, “Very humorous.� Cinema Head Cheese said it was, “Outrageously hilarious.� Mormo Zine said, “I was cracking up the whole time.� Mr. Tony of the Dead said, “This movie was really, really good!� Search My Trash said, “Above everything else great fun.� Critics also singled out Weathers for his outstanding performance as Soloman Crow: Dead by Dawn 93 Reviews said, “Sean Weathers is a really, really good actor.� Mr. Parka called it, “My favorite Sean Weathers movie.� Indie Horror Films said, �Weathers is imaginative.� Horror Society said, “Weathers… shined in his role playing the very animated Solomon.� Additionally the film was also praised for its nod to previous exploitation films: International Syndicate of Cult Film Critics said, “Calling to mind the glory years of Blaxploitation cinema.�


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