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Scotty Finds a Home

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Director  Burt Gillett
Color process  Cinecolor
5.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Animation, Short, Family
Distributor  RKO Pictures
Language  English
Scotty Finds a Home movie poster
Release date  August 23, 1935 (1935-08-23)
Genres  Animation, Short Film, Family film
Similar movies  Mickeys Orphans (1931), Blue Rhythm (1931), The Chain Gang (1930), Orphans Benefit (1934), Mickeys Good Deed

Scotty finds a home van beuren 1935

Scotty Finds A Home is a 1935 reel animated cartoon directed by Burt Gillett and produced for RKO Radio Pictures, which was later re-released by Walter O. Gutlohn Inc.


Scotty finds a home


A young anthropomorphic kitten wants a pet. He happens to find a Scottish Terrier with no owner and takes him in. When the dog, now named "Scotty" tracks mud into the house, the kitten's grandmother says that her grandson cannot keep him. Scotty is thrown out of the house. After some time, a transient bulldog is walking by as the kitten's grandmother puts a pie in the window sill to cool. He barges into the house and terrorizes the family, demanding they feed him. Scotty rushes back to the house and saves the family; Grandma to decide that they can keep him after all.


  • Scotty - The titular protagonist. He is a homeless Scottish Terrier, who is adopted by a young kitten. When Scotty is sent out, trouble raids the family and only he can save everyone there. The only non-anthropomorphic character in the show.
  • Kitten - A young anthropomorphic boy who is desperate to keep a pet, and finds one within a Scottish terrier, who is later named "Scotty". He is however not allowed to keep Scotty as a pet since the dog created a mess.
  • Grandma - The kitten's grandmother, she is against keeping Scotty in her house because he caused a mess. Scotty is thrown out, but Granny lets him back in after he saves both her and her grandson from disaster.
  • Bulldog - He is a thief, and raids the kitten and granny's house not for money, but for food. With both kitten and granny kept under custody, only Scotty can take him on and ensure the safety of the family. Unlike Scotty (an ordinary dog), he is anthropomorphic.
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