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Scottish School of Wrestling

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Industry  Scottish Wrestling
Headquarters  West Lothian, Scotland
Website  Official Site
Founded  2002
Key people  Murray Stevenson


  • Butler
  • G.I. Joe
  • Kaiden King
  • Aaron Jeremi
  • Dave Jeremi
  • Pete Jeremi
  • Mikey Ratings
  • Jason Rotanda
  • Jonathon Richards
  • Mike Musso
  • Lou King Sharp
  • Kid Fite
  • Brandon Adams
  • The Beloved Krychek
  • Kreiger
  • Taylor Bellendo
  • El Technico
  • Rory Steele
  • Saquib Alo
  • Lucha DS
  • Craig Stephens
  • TJ Rage
  • Craig Damien
  • E.G Mackie
  • Liam Thomson
  • U.K. Kid
  • Eddie V
  • Corey
  • eXecutior
  • Diamonds

  • Candi Kiss
  • Nikki Storm
  • Carmel Jacobs
  • Sara
  • Kay Lee Ray
  • Shelly Star
  • Kirsty Love
  • Vyper
  • Tag teams

  • The Jeremis
  • Joe's Privates
  • Damage Inc.
  • Rage N Storm
  • Fight Club
  • Hertitage
  • The Playaas
  • Alumni and guests

  • Bad Bones
  • Jetta
  • Bingo Ballance
  • Bubblegum
  • Matt Cross
  • Dave Kidney
  • Mr Boddington
  • Drew Galloway
  • Noam Dar
  • Jay Gedy
  • Jennifer Blake
  • Doug Williams
  • SSW Diamonds / SSW UK Title

    Following the removal of the SPWO Title, and the lack of competition in for the Woman's Diamonds belt, the Diamonds title was re-branded as an Intergender prize known as the SSW UK Title, but later reverted to the SSW Diamonds title in December 2011.


    SSW Hardcore Title

    The SSW Hardcore Title is a 24/7 title and can be challenged at any time by anyone within the company.

    King of the Bing Tournament

    The winner of the King of the Bing tournament gets a 12-month open title shot, valid until the end of the following KOTB Event.

    The Rumble

    The winner of the annual Rumble match goes on to face the SSW World's Champion at the following event, Redemption!

    SPWO Title

    The SPWO U.K. Title is an internationally defended title for Saint Peters Wrestling Organization from the States. After SPWO liquidated in 2007, SSW decided to continue the lineage. After the announcement of SPWO breaking away to form its own Scottish Company in 2011, the belt returned to its original promotion. Although no longer competed for directly by the SSW Roster, the SPWO still has a lot of history at SSW.


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