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Scottish Crofting Federation

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The Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF), which was formerly called the Scottish Crofting Foundation (itself formerly called the Scottish Crofters Union), is an organisation of crofting communities in the highlands and islands of Scotland.


The SCF is the only member-led organisation dedicated to promoting crofting and is the largest association of small-scale food producers in the UK. Its mission is to safeguard and promote the rights, livelihoods and culture of crofters and their communities. Its magazine is called The Crofter.

Scottish crofting produce mark

The Scottish crofting produce mark was introduced in 2008 to identify products produced by a croft or similar small agri-business that is located in Highlands or the Islands of Scotland.

Only those businesses that qualify and are members of the Scottish Crofting Federation may place the mark on their products. The federation states on its web site that it plans to enforce product quality, cleanliness and traceability, as well as ensure animals are healthy and reasonably treated.


SCF is the charity dedicated to safeguarding crofting and its cultural heritage now and for generations to come. Established and run by crofters, SCF engages with agencies and government at a local, national and international level to influence policy on rural issues including sustaining rural populations, food production and environmental protection. It also provides a network of support to established, new, and aspiring crofters through training, mentoring and sharing of experience.

Importance of crofting

Crofting has sustained rural communities in some of the remotest and most fragile areas in Western Europe. Crofting provides sustainable livelihoods, fresh local produce, a secure homestead and vibrant communities.

Small-scale eco-friendly systems, as practiced by crofters, is an alternative to industrial agriculture.

Most of the UK’s High Nature Value farming is found in the crofting areas. Extensive land management methods have created and preserved the habitats of many rare species now threatened elsewhere in the UK, and continuing crofting land use is recognised as having an important role in maintaining and increasing biodiversity.

Indigenous people

The SCF is currently involved in activities to encourage the UK government to recognize crofters as indigenous people of Scotland.


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