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Scorn Defeat

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Released  December 1993
Length  43:05
Scorn Defeat (1993)  Infidel Art (1995)
Release date  December 1993
Recorded  March 1993
Producer  Y. Toyoda
Artist  Sigh
Genre  Black metal
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Label  Deathlike Silence Productions
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Sigh scorn defeat full album

Scorn Defeat is the first full-length album by the Japanese black metal band Sigh, released in 1993 by Deathlike Silence Productions. It is the band's most traditional black metal album, taking on a uniquely disturbing and bold formula lyrically compared to their Scandinavian peers. The album takes its title from a line in the title track from Venom's 1981 album Welcome to Hell. On Scorn Defeat, the line itself is said on "At My Funeral".


Sigh a victory of dakini


The first edition of Scorn Defeat features a black-and-white illustration on the cover art. On the second edition, reissued in 1994, an image of guitarist Shinichi Ishikawa is featured. Both are long since out of print due to poor distribution, as they were published on Deathlike Silence following the death of its founder Euronymous.

In 2000 the album was reissued by Psychic Scream Entertainment, including a bonus track, "The Seven Gates of Hell," which is a Venom cover, and completely new artwork.

A vinyl version was also released by Vinyl Collectors (limited to 500 copies) including a cover of Mayhem's "Carnage."

Reissued again in 2009 by Enucleation (once again with new artwork), this version includes the Requiem for Fools EP (1992), which allowed them to sign to DSP, and their split 7" EP with Kawir (1994), neither of which have ever been available on CD before. "The Seven Gates of Hell", however, is not included on this release.

In 2011 Deepsend Records reissued the album once again. This double CD release includes all the tracks from the 2009 reissue on CD 1 and other unreleased tracks, demo and cover songs on CD 2.

Track listing

2009 Reissue Bonus Tracks
  1. "The Knell" [Requiem For Fools 7" EP (92)] - 3:21
  2. "Desolation" [Requiem For Fools 7" EP (92)] - 4:16
  3. "Taste Defeat" [Requiem For Fools 7" EP (92)] - 7:27
  4. "Suicidogenic" [Split 7" EP With Kawir (94)] - 3:10
  5. "Schizo" [Split 7" EP With Kawir (94)] - 3:19
2011 Reissue Bonus Tracks (CD 2)
  1. "Black Metal" (Venom cover) [Unreleased] - 2:40
  2. "The Zombie Terror" [Far East Gate In Inferno compilation CD (94)] - 9:40
  3. "The Seven Gates of Hell" (Venom cover) [Vinyl Collectors LP (96)] - 4:33
  4. "Carnage" (Mayhem cover) [Vinyl Collectors LP (96)] - 3:14
  5. "Weakness Within" [Desolation Demo] - 3:06
  6. "Desolation Of My Mind" [Desolation Demo] - 3:17
  7. "Mentally Numb" [Desolation Demo] - 0:57
  8. "Death Throes" [Tragedies Rough Mix] - 2:06
  9. "Sigh" [Tragedies Rough Mix] - 2:12
  10. "Mentally Numb" [Tragedies Rough Mix] - 5:53
  11. "Desolation" [Tragedies Rough Mix] - 2:04


  • Mirai Kawashima – vocals, keyboard, bass
  • Shinichi Ishikawa – guitar
  • Satoshi Fujinami – drums
  • Songs

    1A Victory of Dakini6:53
    2The Knell4:23
    3At My Funeral5:45


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