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Scientific Library of the Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy

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The Scientific Library of the Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy is a scientific and informational Center of the Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy in Kharkiv specializing in informational support for training, pedagogical and scientific processes, and the creation of targeted informational, engineering and pedagogical resource.


History of the Library

The building housing the Academy is a piece of architectural art of the 18th century, a part of it being allocated to the library. It was constructed in the years of 1766-1777 by the architect Rastrelli as a palace for the Governor-General on the site formerly belonging to the manor of Count Davier. Since 1805 and until 1958, one of the first universities in the country, the University of Kharkov (presently V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University) had been located in it. In 1958, Ukrainian Correspondence Polytechnic Institute (UCPI) was founded in this building, in accordance with Order No. 62 of the Council of Ministers of Ukraine of 24.01.1958 and Order of Ministry of Higher Education of Ukraine No. 78 of 21.02.1958. In 1990, UCPI was renamed into Kharkiv Engineering and Pedagogical Institute (KEPI), and in 1994 it was further renamed into Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy (UEPA). The library’s name was changing according to the changes in the name of the Academy itself. In 2010, according to the Decision of the Academic Council of the Academy and Rector's Order No. 166 of 01.06.2010, the library’s name was finally changed into "UEPA Scientific Library".The first librarians were N. D. Shagaeva, G. M. Savchenko, L. Y. Bogatova, V. I. Sosipatrova, and others. P. S. Safronov was the first Director of the library.The Library's initial stock was granted by the library of Kharkov Polytechnic Institute. By the end of 1959, the Library already held about 240 thousand copies, by the end of 1964 it held 622 thousand copies, and now it holds 886 thousand copies.

Structure of the Library

The structure of the Scientific Library’s is represented by the following departments: scientific formation, processing and cataloging of library and information resources, scientific informational and bibliographic activities, scientific stock service, training stock service; scientific organization and storage of stock, sector of modern library and information technologies; branches of UEPA institutes in other cities: Educational and Scientific Professional Pedagogical Institute (Bakhmut, Slavyansk), Educational and Research Institute of Mining and Educational Technologies (Stakhanov).


The Library’s stock covers different fields of knowledge, it totally contains 886,998 copies in Ukrainian, Russian, English and other languages, including 712,050 copies of books, 110,822 copies of magazines, and 292 annual sets of newspapers. It contains literature on engineering, energy, chemical and electrical technology, welding, mining, garment production, education, history and culture, and social, political and economic issues. The stock of the Scientific Library also contains synopsis of thesis and dissertations defended in the UEPA specialized councils, research reports, and students’ degree works recommended for long term storage by their corresponding Academy departments. In 2009, the stock of rare and valuable books was separated. The collection of Ukrainian publications printed before 1949 is represented by unique publications on industrial and technical issues: hydraulic, heat engineering, electrical equipment, rolling mills, forging, stamping, electrical machinery, electrical melting, industrial machines etc. The electronic library contains 3,012 books and documents including the "Electronic educational publications by departments", documents of UEPA electronic archive (repository), electronic versions of professional collections of the Academy scientific works (2 titles), electronic archive of synopsis of thesis by UEPA’s scientists, bibliographic products etc.

Library readers

The readers' service is automatic, and is rendered by 8 subscription departments and 4 reading rooms. Each year, the Scientific Library provides service to 11,000 people, all its structural units totally providing service to 21,889 people. Attendance totals to 282,396 persons, and book circulation totals to 687,282 copies.

Scientific activities

The library's scientific activity includes the participation in research carried out in the instructional laboratory on engineering and teacher education in collaboration with the Institute of Pedagogical Education and Adult Education of Ukraine; participation in the annual scientific conference of scientific and teaching staff, researchers, graduate students and UEPA staff regarded as a separate section entitled "Modern Information and Library Technologies"; organization of scientific conferences, seminars, and round tables. Bibliographical activity of the Scientific Library includes the creation and constant update of the interactive electronic scientific bibliography entitled "Problems of Modern Education" (annually in 2 vol.), "Innovations in Education" (annually), bibliographies on the issues of education and engineering pedagogy; it also includes the maintenance of bio-bibliographies of "Anniversaries of UEPA Scientists" series.

The introduction of new information technologies

The participation in corporate projects includes "The System of Ukrainian Scientific Literature Synopsys" which contributes to the formation of the national abstracts database entitled "Ukrainika Naukova"; publication of professional series of the Ukrainian synopsis journal "Djerelo", and support for online access to the full-text database "Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine" created by the V. I. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine. The Library contributes by providing abstract and analytical information (list of articles from periodicals) to the industrial informational resource of the V.O. Sukhomlinsky National Scientific Pedagogical Library. As a part of the «E-Catalog of Ukraine" project, the Library is provided with web-hosting in the Internet. Since 2012, the Scientific Library has joined the following projects: corporate cataloging project of the Slavic Kyril and Methodius Dnipropetrovsk Region Universal Scientific Library entitled "Pridneprovsky Corporate Directory", and Ohio State University Contribution to the Parliament of Ukraine (Legislative Policy Development Program II)”. The introduction of new information technologies started out in 1999. The library won a grant with the "Renaissance" fund and Open Society Institute and initiated the creation of the EC in ALIS «Liber-Media". Since 2006, the Library has been operating in ALIS "Irbis". The processes of acquisition, cataloging, and circulation are automated. The Library’s site has been operating since 2007 <> providing access to the online catalog, ElAr UIPA electronic archive (repository) <>, and the "Engineering and Pedagogical Education” target resource. The library’s readers have Internet access on PC workstations and via Wi-Fi technology. The library has a highly qualified staff of 46 people. Significant contribution to the development of the library was made by Directors of the Library G.M. Ivanova (1965–1982), L. S. Tsimbal (1982–2004), Methodist V.I. Sosipatrova (1959–2009). For a long time Director G. M. Ivanova had been a member of the Republican scientific and methodical commission by the Ministry of Higher Education of Ukraine and a member of the intercollegiate methodical association. Later, these functions were performed by L. S. Tsimbal . Since 2004, the library has been headed N. M. Nikolaenko. Today the Scientific Library of UEPA is seeking new approaches to readers’ service, improving its operations, and expanding the range of library and information services online. Address of the Scientific Library: 16 Universitetska str., Kharkiv 61003. e-mail: Web site address of the Scientific Library:


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