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Science and technology in Chile

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The science and technology in Chile is directed by the National Commission of Scientific and Technological Investigation.



The origins of the physics in Chile trace back to the chairs of experimental physics given by Juan Martínez of Roses between 1781 and 1783 in the Saint School Carlos, also designated School Carolino.

Later, with the inauguration of the National Institute on 10 August 1813, began to give classes, eighteen chairs of which one corresponded to experimental physics. This was dictated by the presbítero José Alejo Bezanilla and taught inside the course of Natural Sciences. Afterwards of the disaster of Rancagua, the realistic military boss Mariano Osorio assumed the control of the country with the title of governor, after which abolished all the republican initiatives decreed by José Miguel Career and Bernardo Or'Higgins, and restored the institutions of government, administrative and judicial of the Colony. Between these initiatives explained the National Institute.

Of agreement to Flavio and Claudio Gutiérrez, one of the first scientists in speaking on the development of the science in Chile was the jesuita Juan Ignacio Molina,


In biotechnology stands out the biochemical Pablo Valenzuela, the one who participated in the creation of the vaccine against the virus of the hepatitis B, the discovery of the virus of the hepatitis C and the development of a process to produce human insulin from yeasts; besides, under his direction, scientists cloned and secuenciaron the virus of the @sida.

In technology stands out Sôki, an electrical car.


  • Chilean academy of Sciences
  • Centre of Astrophysics and Affine Technologies
  • Centre of Scientific Studies
  • Museum of Science and Technology
  • Museum of Natural History of Valparaíso
  • Interactive museum Oriel
  • National museum of Natural History
  • Activities

  • Congress of the Future
  • National Scientific fair Juvenile
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