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Science Fiction Awards Watch

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Science Fiction Awards Watch is a blog created in 2007 by Cheryl Morgan and Kevin Standlee that provides information on science fiction awards. It succeeded their fanzine Emerald City which shut down in November 2006. Among its motivations were to go beyond reporting of the awards, and to look at the process by which the award is selected and to allow reader interaction.

It has been noted as a source of "unbiased reporting and astute commentary" by SF author James Patrick Kelly in Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, and "one of the essential sites for SF lit fans" by author John Scalzi, and cited as a source of breaking news by The Guardian newspaper.

Notable contributors include Anna Tambour, Cat Eldridge, Chris Roberson, Gary K. Wolfe, Jeff VanderMeer, Joe Gordon, John Clute, and Victoria Hoyle, in addition to the editors themselves.


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