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Schreiner  is an example from the large class of family names that originally derived from the occupations of the people who bore the names. It refers to a woodworker and often more specifically to a maker of fine woodwork; thus it translates to English as "joiner", "cabinetmaker", or (most broadly) "carpenter". Thus, for example, a German man of the Middle Ages named Johann Schreiner was literally "John the cabinetmaker", which differentiated him from other local men also named Johann, such as Johann Bäcker (John the baker) or Johann Weißkopf (White-haired John).


Some English spelling variations of the name are Shreiner, Schriner, and Shriner. (In the case of the Shriners organization, however, the name came from the English word shrine in the organization's full title, rather than through any founder surnamed Shriner.)

The name today

Today many people (and the businesses or institutions that they founded) are named Schreiner:

Notable people

  • Alexander Schreiner, organist for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  • Alina Schreiner, German bodybuilder
  • Armin Schreiner, influential Croatian industrialist, banker and Jewish activist killed during the Holocaust
  • Bernard Schreiner, French politician
  • Bob Schreiner, Dutch paddler
  • Dave Schreiner, American athlete
  • David Schreiner, American politician
  • Frank Schreiner (1879–1937), American baseball player
  • Josef Schreiner, German athlete
  • Jumbo Schreiner (born 1967), German actor
  • Knut Schreiner, aka Euroboy, Norwegian musician
  • Kristian Schreiner, Norwegian physical anthropologist
  • Mike Schreiner (born 1969), Canadian politician
  • Olive Schreiner, South African author
  • Oliver Schreiner, South Africa judge of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of South Africa
  • Ottmar Schreiner, German politician
  • Per Schreiner (1932–2005), Norwegian economist
  • Per Schreiner (playwright) (born 1965), Norwegian playwright
  • William Philip Schreiner, South African politician
  • Enterprises and Institutions

  • Schreiner's department store
  • Schreiner Airways
  • Schreiner University
  • Schreiner's Iris Gardens
  • References

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