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Schrader is a family name very common roughly within the Triangle Hannover-Hamburg-Berlin within Germany (so-called "Eastfalia", part of today's states of Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt). It means 'tailor.' Carriers of this name have spread all over the world due to emigration from Germany. It is especially common in the United States, but there are also occurrences in France, Britain, and the Netherlands.

Schrader may refer to:


  • August Schrader (1820–?), German-American inventor
  • Bernhard Schrader (1931–2012), German chemist, Pioneer of experimental Raman spectroscopy
  • Carol Schrader (born 1951), American TV presenter
  • Clement Schrader (1820–1875), German Jesuit theologian
  • David Schrader (born 1952), American harpsichordist, organist, and fortepianist
  • Dicken Schrader (born 1973), Colombian-American video artist
  • Eberhard Schrader (1836–1908), German orientalist
  • Ed Schrader, American academic and university administrator
  • Friedrich Schrader (1865–1922), German-Ottoman translator, orientalist and writer
  • Gerhard Schrader (1903–1990), German chemist
  • Gus Schrader (1895–1941), American racecar driver
  • Heinrich Schrader (botanist) (1767–1836), German botanist
  • Heinrich Schrader (sportsman) (1893–1980), Australian footballer and cricketer
  • Hermann T. Schrader (1860–1934), Australian pianist, violinist and cellist
  • Hilde Schrader (1910–1966), German swimmer
  • Jim Schrader (1932–1972), American football player
  • Julius Schrader (1815–1900), German painter
  • Ken Schrader (born 1955), American racecar driver
  • Kurt Schrader (born 1951), American politician
  • Leonard Schrader (1943–2006), American screenwriter and director
  • Libbie Schrader, American musician
  • Maria Schrader (born 1965), German actress
  • Otto Schrader (philologist) (1855–1919), German philologist
  • Otto von Schrader (1888–1945), German naval officer
  • Paul Schrader (born 1946), American film director
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