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School for Contemporary and Islamic Learning

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Address  Lahore, Pakistan
Phone  +92 308 8086364
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School for Contemporary and Islamic Learning or SCIL, is a private school system established in 2003 imparting education from Pre-Nursery to GCE A Levels aimed at combining Contemporary and Islamic Education located in Lahore, Pakistan.


About SCIL

The inspiration for SCIL began merely as a dream some thirty years ago. The dream was that of a Pakistani parent, and consisted of finding a school for his children that would be the perfect amalgamation of worldly education and Islamic values; the failure to find such a school catalyzed SCIL’s evolution into a project from a mere dream. That dream was to unfold into a project that will serve to educate and enlighten, in both contemporary and religious spheres, the youth of Pakistan.

Since its opening in September 2003 and thus spanning the years in between, SCIL has become an established institution with six branches, namely the Boys branch (up to GCE O Levels), the Girls branch (up to GCE A Levels), the Elementary branch (up to Grade III) and the Junior branch (Up to Kindergarten). Five branches are currently located in Gulberg, Lahore while a purpose-built campus on an area of 30 kanals has been established in Defence (Barki Road). All branches are equipped with well-maintained facilities such as computer and science laboratories and libraries, in addition to offering optional Hifz classes and a wide range of extra-curricular activities, all overseen by our conscientious faculty members.

The founder and Director of the school is retired Pakistan Air Force Officer Wing Commander (Retired) Gul Abbas Mela.

Mission Statement


Concept of Education

SCIL was first established in 2003, in pursuance of the vision of a few motivated and enlightened individuals who saw a dire need to provide a system in which the younger generation could not only excel academically but could also be well-groomed in Islamic values, in the light of Quran and Sunnah. The school began with an intake of 70 students in a small building. As the need for expansion grew, subsequent branches were established in 2004, 2005, 2008 and 2014. SCIL now boasts student strength of over 2100 with a faculty of around 200 teachers housed in six separate campuses.

School for Contemporary and Islamic Learning (SCIL) is an educational institution committed to providing a high standard of academic education both in modern disciplines and Islamic teachings. It hopes to equip the younger generation to establish a dynamic Muslim society, geared towards making Pakistan a progressive Islamic state. To achieve this aim, SCIL has developed a well-rounded curriculum which not only provides opportunities for students to excel in the GCE O level examination at the end of school but also to acquire a deep understanding of Islamic deen in its practical application to all aspects of life. In addition to contemporary subjects offered in most private schools, SCIL also offers Arabic as a language starting from grade I along with Nazrah and Tajweed from kindergarten to grade VI. From grade VII onwards, our students are introduced to Tarjuma and Tafseer of the Quran in English. SCIL hopes that by the time students finish their schooling, they will not only be high achievers in their chosen fields of study but will also be progressive, enlightened Muslims with sound knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah to guide them in their future course. The Islamic studies curriculum includes Seerah, Hadith, Aqeedah, Akhlaaqiyat, M’aamlat and Islamic History.

Learning is supposed to be fun. The goal should be the search for knowledge and not achieving high grades in the final exam. Instead of motivating the younger generation to become genuine seekers of knowledge, most institutions make them ignorant citizens and ignorant Muslims. SCIL will endeavor to educate the students in such a way that whichever profession or field they adopt, they will be an asset to their families, their fellow citizens, their country and the Muslim Ummah. They should grow up into mature knowledgeable citizens who will resist the onslaught of an increasing hostile world.

Salient Features

For junior classes, SCIL focuses on developing linguistic, mathematical and analytical skills to ensure that they acquire a strong academic base to build upon, as they progress towards higher classes.

In addition, to elaborate the Islamic Studies curriculum, Nazra Quran and Arabic language are introduced from K.G. and Quranic Studies from Grade VIII. For female students, a head scarf is compulsory from Grade III and wearing an Abaya is made compulsory from Grade VI. The offering of Zuhr prayers in the school is compulsory from Grade III onward.

Admissions are open from Playgroup to the highest class of the school, provided the candidates clear the entrance test and the interview.

Throughout a child’s academic career, continuous effort and emphasis is laid on developing his/her character and personality apart from academics. This enables the students to encounter various situations in their practical lives.

Various types of sports facilities are available for both indoor and outdoor games, such as riding and swimming.


SCIL offers all contemporary subjects offered at other English-medium private schools from Pre-Nursery to GCE A Levels. In addition, SCIL offers a range of addiitonal subjects in order to imbibe students with Islamic teachings and values:

  • Quran (Nazra)
  • Tajweed
  • Translation & Tafseer
  • Seerah & Hadith
  • Quranic Arabic
  • Hifz (Optional)
  • Hifz Programme (Optional)

    SCIL offers an optional Hifz (Memorization of the Holy Quran) programme for both male and female students. The option can be exercised on the part of the student upon promotion to Grade IV. The student will be tutored and tested for proficiency in the subjects of English, Urdu and Mathematics of his/her particular level during the Hifz programme. The duration of the Hifz programme is normally three (03) years.

    Professional Development of Teaching Staff at SCIL

    Teaching is a vocation, a full-time commitment, an undertaking of far-reaching consequences. One must commend the courage of those who take up this mission-the results of which may, or not be seen as overtly as in some other fields. However, it is a proven fact that a school is only as good as its teachers – who are its most valuable resource.

    The teaching staff in SCIL is offered opportunities for professional and personal growth on an ongoing basis. The school is constantly in contact with educationists across the country to assist in training our teachers to enhance their classroom practice. Teachers are enrolled with SPELT, Lahore and more recently are involved in extensive training programmes with PORTAL – for language development and effective teaching methodologies.

    There are also in-service religious and moral training sessions which all SCIL staff is required to attend. Quran and Hadith classes are offered to teachers and mothers alike, and their enrollment is increasing with each new session.


    There are currently six branches of the School for Contemporary and Islamic Learning in operation:

  • Junior Branch & Head Office
  • Elementary Branch
  • Boys Junior Branch
  • Girls Senior Branch
  • Boys Senior Branch
  • Defence Branch (Barki Road)
  • Defence Campus

    SCIL's aim is to provide students with a custom-built campus so they have access to state of the art facilities in all areas of learning. For this purpose, SCIL had purchased approximately 30 kanals of land in DHA Phase VIII in order to construct a school building, which includes spacious classrooms, activity rooms, libraries, laboratories, a multipurpose hall, outdoor and indoor sports facilities, a mosque with a prayer hall for ladies and a cafeteria over two stages.

    Work has been completed on Project I in 2014, which consists of a three-storey building that spans over a covered area of 48000 sq. ft., basketball courts, and football fields. The next stage is Project II, which will start post completion of Project I.


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