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Schistonchus caprifici

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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Aphelenchoididae
Genus  Schistonchus
Order  Aphelenchida
Class  Secernentea
Phylum  Nematoda
Rank  Species
Similar  Aphelenchoididae, Blastophaga psenes, Diplogasteridae, Agaonidae, Tylenchida

Schistonchus caprifici is a plant parasitic nematode in the genus Schistonchus parasitizing the caprifig (Ficus carica sylvestris). It is found in Spain and Italy.

Blastophaga psenes is the vector of the nematode bringing it to the fig tree. This species is also transported by the cleptoparasite Philotrypesis caricae (Agaonidae).


Schistonchus caprifici Wikipedia

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