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Scaly Adventures

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Genre  Children's
Also known as  'Pierce's Scaly Adventures'
Created by  Richard R. Curren III Tanya M. Curren
Developed by  Richard R. Curren III Tanya M. Curren
Starring  Richard R. Curren III Tanya M. Curren Pierce R. Curren
Theme music composer  Eddie Moles Bone Prophet

Scaly Adventures, also known as Pierce's Scaly Adventures, is an American reality television series with worldwide distribution. The series launched on September 7, 2013, and is currently in production. Scaly Adventures is an E/I (educational/informational) television show featuring Richard, Tanya, and Pierce Curren as they travel to different locations to profile exotic animals and adventure-type entertainment. At the beginning of production, Pierce Curren was the youngest animal education ambassador with an internationally distributed show reaching 6 of 7 continents weekly.



The Scaly Adventures Crew, composed of Pierce, Tanya and Rick Curren, travels the world featuring many different animals, as well as their own 32 reptiles. The purpose of the show is not only to teach what reptiles are really like, but also to inspire kids through family-friendly programming. Each episode focuses on teaching kids how they should "interact with, care for, and protect animals."

Pierce Curren

Pierce is the young star of Scaly Adventures. As a junior herpetologist, he leads viewers on educational journeys shown through the eyes of a kid. Pierce enjoys sharing his passion for exotic animals. When not filming, Pierce can be found researching on the computer or reading books about more unique animals.

Tanya Curren

Tanya Curren is the co-creator and director of education for the Scaly Adventures crew. She ensures that the content of every episode meets state curriculum standards being taught in schools.

Rick Curren

Rick Curren is the creator and executive producer of Scaly Adventures. He ensures that every episode has a conservation message of protecting our environment while promoting education of all species. Rick is also the underwater expert and leads the Scaly Adventures crew on journeys to show viewers different places and animals.


Scaly Adventures is aired through the Daystar television network on several channels, including Liberty University's Liberty Channel and KCHFTV. Daystar is not currently rated by Nielson.


Pierce's Scaly Adventures was submitted for a Southeast Regional EMMY Award for Outstanding Children's Programming in January 2014. It has additionally been submitted for a Telly Award for Outstanding Children's Programming in February 2014.

In addition, the Currens have been featured through several news outlets, including the Marietta Daily Journal and WSPA Channel 7 News. The family also serves as partners in education with their alma mater, Kennesaw State University.


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