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Directed by  Don C. Palathara
Written by  Don C. Palathara
Edited by  Shanavas Naranipuzha
Running time  1h 4m
Cinematography  Prathap Joseph
Produced by  Anish, Molly & Shijo
Screenplay by  Don C. Palathara
Production company  Travancore films
Music by  Sandeep Kurissery
Editor  Shanavas Naranipuzha
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Savam the corpse feature film venture by don c palathara manorama news

Shavam: The Corpse (Malayalam: ശവം) is a black comedy Malayalam film released on 28 November 2015. The film is an experimental art film written and directed by Don Palathara, an International Film School Sydney diplomate. The film was shot entirely in black and white.


Shavam malayalam song


Shavam is the brainchild of an Indian Australian who is a closely associated member of Kazcha Film Society. Don, an enthusiastic documentarian who has worked previously with ‘Cinemavandi’, a cinema vehicle - a mini van launched to promote parallel films throughout Kerala and with technical and financial side of the independent feature film, Oraalppokkam re-discovered scope of art films from his international perspective. The director reveals about his film aspects like the black and white picturization of the film was for purely budgetary considerations in postproduction color grading and the morbidity and lifelessness of the title was chosen for promotional aspects. The film's protagonist is the subject 'death' which slowly passes on without complaints as a mere event. The first preview of the film was conducted by Cochin Film Society at Children's park theatre in Cochin, India. The film featured about forty actors.


Shavam's plot focuses on the unexpected death of a young adult in a middle-class Christian family and the funeral process in home, where neighbors, relatives and friends of the dead person are gathered. The film manipulates the viewer to look through the eyes of a curious unknown whose presence is equally neglected and acknowledged. It looks into insensitivity and actual prominence of the subject 'death' has in current malayali worldview.


Media lists the film as an exposition of local culture in a satirical way. The ability of the director's stubbornness to clip-on its viewers to the subject was well praised. The seminal film of the director has been submitted to seven international film festivals in respective entries for garnering awards.


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