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Saugor Makronia railway station

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Address  DDN Rd, Rajakhedi, Madhya Pradesh 470001
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Saugor Makronia railway station (Station Code :MKRN) is one of the important railway station of West Central Railway in Madhya Pradesh.


Structure and location

The railway station of Makronia lies on the main Bina–Katni rail route. To its north lies Saugor railway station and to its south lies Damoh Junction railway station.

The main railway station of Makronia is located just 1.5 km from the city centre and 10 km from its other local railway station Saugor railway station. The main railway station of Makronia consist of 2 platforms.

Important Trains

The station of Makronia halts for a few trains as there are more goods trains than that of passengers due to coal mines, but the trains which pass on through Bina–Katni rail route had their stoppage at this station. The important trains halting here are :

  • Rewanchal Express between Bhopal Habibganj (Bhopal) and Rewa
  • Bhopal–Bilaspur Express between Bhopal Junction and Bilaspur
  • Damoh–Kota Passenger between Damoh and Kota
  • Vindhyachal Express (Bhopal - Itarsi Express) between Bhopal Junction and Itarsi Junction (Madhya Pradesh)
  • It also operates and halts for many passenger trains such as :

  • Saugor–Chirmiri Passenger
  • Kota–Damoh Passenger
  • Bina–Katni Passenger
  • Bina–Damoh Passenger
  • There is a heavy passenger demand and traffic but this station does not halt any long distance train due to lack of railway ministry attention on this route. Hence it lacks connectivity with important places.


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