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Saskatchewan Highway 690

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South end:  Hwy 679 at Arborfeld
Rural municipalities:  Aborfield, Moose Range
North end:  Hwy 789 Moose Range
Length  37.8 km

Saskatchewan Highway 690 connects Saskatchewan Highway 23 near Arborfield to Saskatchewan Highway 789 in northeastern Saskatchewan, Canada. The length of Highway 690 is 37.8 kilometers (23.5 mi).



Arborfield is a town of about 500 people in northeastern Saskatchewan. Farming is the main economic activity, with producers harvesting grain, lentil, hay and cereal crops. Livestock farming is also practiced with a few specialty farms raising elk, wild boar and chinchilla. The Arborfield Dehy Limited (Alfalfa dehydration and processing plant) company produces alfalfa pellets for feed.

The village of Jordan River is 19 kilometers (12 mi) north east of Arborfield and features a Sports Ground.

Rural municipalities

The RM of Arborfield, town of Arborfield and neighboring village of Zenon Park purchased the rail lines from the Canadian National Railway renaming the track Arborfield Subdivision shortline. Arborfield Grain Producers then purchased the grain elevator from United Grain Growers. Both these endeavours help to sustain the grain production industry.

The Uranium Power Corporation undertook a six hole program to extract four tons of ore grade oil shale from the Pasquia Hills mine site. Oil drilling exploration is underway in the Pasquia Hills by Goldnev Resources Inc. Saskatchewan Petroleum Energy, Mines and Lands Branch has approved 10 drilling licenses.

The RM of Moose Range incorporated in 1916 and has it offices in Carrot River. The Tobin Lake reservoir within the municipality was created by construction of the E.B. Campbell Dam.

Major Attractions

The Pasquia Regional Park features swimming pool, and golf course at the campground. The Pasquia Hills provincial forest encompasses Connell Creek and Wildcat Hills which are protected areas. A 90-million-year-old crocodile which was 6 meters (20 ft) long was discovered near the Pasquia Regional Park.

Travel Route

Highway 690 begins at Arborfield in the rural municipality (RM) of Arborfield No. 456 and extends north east 37.8 kilometers (23.5 mi) to Highway 789 in the RM of Moose Range No. 486. At km 0.0, travel is eastward. (Carrot River is 24.3 kilometers (15.1 mi) from the town of Arborfield travelling north from the starting terminus along highway 23) At km 9.0, Highway 690 turns north. At km 12.1, it turns east. This point is just south of Jordan River Highway 690 continues east till Km 18.5 when it again travels north. At Km 28.1 690 travels east for 3.3 kilometers (2.1 mi). Then at Km 31.4, Highway 690 turns north, connecting with the terminal junction at Saskatchewan Highway 789 at Km 37.8. 18 kilometers (11 mi) west of the terminus is Carrot River along Highway 789.


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