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Santa Tecla, El Salvador

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Country  El Salvador
Area  9.0 km2
Mayor  Roberto DAubuisson, Jr (ARENA)
Population  108,840 (2007)

Santa Tecla is a municipality in the La Libertad department of El Salvador. It is the capital of the department of La Libertad.


Map of Santa Tecla, El Salvador

The city was named after Saint Thecla who was a saint of the early Christian Church, and a reported follower of Paul of Tarsus in the 1st century AD. She is not mentioned in the New Testament, but the earliest record of her comes from the apocryphal Acts of Paul and Thecla, probably composed in the early 2nd century.

What to see in santa tecla el salvador

Santa Tecla is situated at the southern foot of the San Salvador Volcano, and very close to San Salvador (14.5 km, the capital city. The municipality of Antiguo Cuscatlan sits on its eastern border.

Propuestas locales de gobernabilidad santa tecla el salvador


Santa Tecla, El Salvador in the past, History of Santa Tecla, El Salvador

Santa Tecla was founded as "Nueva San Salvador" on August 8, 1854 by the president Jose Maria San Martin after the capital city was destroyed by an earthquake. It served as capital of the republic from 1855 to 1859 and became departmental capital in 1865. The continued development of the city was spurred by the success of the local coffee industry, becoming a very productive commercial city.

In 2003, the city was renamed "Santa Tecla," which was the historical name of the region prior to the founding of the city. On the occasion of its 150th anniversary(1854–2004) 2 concerts were presented by the renowned tenor, Fernando del Valle, great, great grandson of Andres del Valle, president of El Salvador in 1876, and a direct descendant of Colonel Jose Maria San Martin, President of El Salvador (1854–56). The tenor requested that the first concert take place on September 23, the feast day of the saint for whom the city is named.

Its current mayor is Oscar Ortiz, of the FMLN party. The FMLN Party has held the office in Santa Tecla for 5 terms.


Santa Tecla, El Salvador Beautiful Landscapes of Santa Tecla, El Salvador

District Municipality and the Department of La Libertad. It is limited by the following municipalities: to the north, Colon, San Juan Opico, Quezaltepeque and Nejapa, on the east by San Salvador, Antiguo Cuscatlan, Nuevo Cuscatlan, San Jose Villanueva, and Zaragoza to the south by La Libertad and west by Talnique and Comasagua. It is located between the geographic coordinates 13° 4447 "LN (northern end) and 13° 3222" LN (southern end), 89° 1545 "LWG (eastern end) and 89° 2358" LWG (far west) .

Tourism and sites of interest

Santa Tecla, El Salvador Tourist places in Santa Tecla, El Salvador

Located at 17th Avenue North, and Chiultipan Street, Plaza Merliot was built by the Salvadoran construction company, Grupo Agrisal, in 1994. It became the first mall ever to be built on the City of Santa Tecla, and the third one to be built in the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador. Although many people in Santa Tecla go to the Antiguo Cuscatlan shopping district, which is the current shopping hotspot of the metropolitan area, made up by 3 shopping malls, and 8 shopping centers, restaurants, communications, hotels, and business parks, Plaza Merliot continues to be preferred by the people of Santa Tecla. Plaza Merliot is made up of three levels, and a central plaza where the food court is at.


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