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Santa Isabel

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Population  23,389 (2011)

Unemployment rate  12.8% (Feb 2015)

Map of Santa Isabel

Santa Isabel is the Spanish and Portuguese name of one of two Catholic Church saints, Isabelle of France and Elizabeth of Portugal. Various places have been named for the latter of the two. These include:



  • Santa Isabel, Buenos Aires, a settlement in General Alvear Partido
  • Santa Isabel, Córdoba, a neighbourhood in the city of Córdoba
  • Santa Isabel, La Pampa, in the province of La Pampa
  • Brazil:

  • Santa Isabel, Espírito Santo, a town in the state of Espírito Santo
  • Santa Isabel, Goiás, a town in the state of Goiás
  • Santa Isabel, São Paulo, a town in the state of São Paulo
  • Santa Isabel do Rio Negro, in the state of Amazonas
  • Vila Santa Isabel, a neighborhood in Carrão (district of São Paulo)
  • Cape Verde:

  • Santa Isabel (Boa Vista), a parish on the island of Boa Vista
  • Colombia:

  • Santa Isabel (Bogotá), a barrio (neighborhood) in Bogotá
  • Santa Isabel, Tolima, a town in Tolima department
  • Santa Isabel (TransMilenio), a station on Bogotá's TransMilenio mass-transit system
  • Santa Isabel (volcano), a volcano
  • Cuba

  • Santa Isabel de las Lajas, historical and cultural name of the city of Lajas, Cuba
  • Equatorial Guinea:

  • Former name of Malabo, the country's capital
  • Former name of Pico Basilé, highest mountain in Equatorial Guinea
  • Mexico:

  • Santa Isabel, Baja California, a city in the state of Baja California
  • Santa Isabel, Chihuahua, a city in the state of Chihuahua
  • Santa Isabel Municipality, also in Chihuahua
  • Santa Isabel Cholula, in the state of Puebla
  • Panama:

  • Santa Isabel, Colón, a corregimiento (district subdivision) in Santa Isabel District
  • Philippines

  • Santa Isabel, San Pablo, a barangay (administrative district) of San Pablo, Laguna Province
  • Portugal

  • Santa Isabel (Lisbon), a former parish, extant from 1741–2012
  • Solomon Islands:

  • Santa Isabel Island, an island in the South Pacific
  • United States:

  • Santa Isabel de Utinahica, a former Spanish mission in the state of Georgia
  • Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico, a municipality located on the southern coast
  • Venezuela:

  • Santa Isabel, Trujillo, the shire town of municipality Andrés Bello in Trujillo (state)
  • Other
  • Santa Isabel languages, spoken in the Solomon Islands
  • Santa Isabel Theater, in Recife, Brazil
  • Santa Isabel (supermarkets) of Chile
  • Santa Isabel (church) in Lisbon, Portugal
  • SS Santa Isabel, a number of ships with this name
  • Espectacular nevado santa isabel en colombia

    Nevado de santa isabel cumbre centro y norte


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