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Sanskaar Laxmi

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Genre  Drama
Directed by  Fahad Kashmiri
Opening theme  "Sanskaar Laxmi" by
Created by  R M Joshi
Starring  See below
Written by  Mitesh Shah, Swati Shah, Vikas Tiwari, Gitangshu Dey, Anand Goradiya, Swati Goradiya, & Vinod Sharma
Watch Sanskaar Laxmi Television Show aired on Zee TV

Sanskaar Laxmi is an Indian television drama series which premiered on Zee TV on 17 January 2011 to 8 September 2011. The series is based on the life of a poor village girl, Laxmi who gets married into a rich Gujarati family in Mumbai. The story shows how a less educated but worldly wise, mature and extremely talented Laxmi overcomes obstacles to settle down in her life.



Laxmi is rooted in Indian traditions and has an inborn knack for winning peoples hearts with her pleasant demeanor and sweet smile even in adverse situations. For Laxmi, 'Sanskaar' does not mean only following rituals blindly but it means caring for everyone and valuing relationships.

Laxmi enters a rich but fragmenting joint urban Purohit family based in Mumbai as their daughter-in-law and plays the central role in stopping the family from falling apart. How the Purohit family, a traditional believer in rituals and culture of Hindu religion deals with the rural, modern and ultramodern lifestyle after bringing in their daughters-in-law; how significant a role Laxmi plays after coming in and how she overcomes her own as well as her family's trials and tribulations forms the basis of the show.


  • Vibha Anand ... Laxmi Angad Purohit (Angad's wife)
  • Shakti Arora ... Angad Purohit
  • Vivan Bhatena ... Parag Purohit
  • Suzanne Bernert ... Jennifer
  • Vikas Sethi ... Mandar
  • Aamir Dalvi ... Mahen Purohit
  • Anisha Kapoor ... Ragini
  • Anang Desai ... Jagmohan Purohit
  • Rohit Purohit ... Suraj Purohit
  • Prateeksha Lonkar... Kaveri Purohit
  • Shafaq Naaz ... Randhal
  • David Moss ... White boy 1
  • Emmanuel Latham ... Pilot 1
  • Jonathon Faulkner ... Pilot 2/Check in assistant
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