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Sanjak of Vučitrn

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Disestablished  1864
Established  1459
Capital  Vučitrn

Sanjak of Vučitrn (Turkish: Vulçitrin sancağı; Albanian: Sanxhaku i Vuçiternës/Vushtrrisë; Serbian: Вучитрнски санџак) was a sanjak of the Ottoman Empire in Kosovo. It was named after its administrative center Vučitrn.



Vučitrn was captured from the Serbian Despotate by the Ottomans in 1455 it remained under control of the governor of Skopsko Krajište until the definite annexation of the Serbian Despotate in 1459. The first Ottoman records include the territory of the sanjak as Vilayet-i Vlk (Vilayet of Vuk), a reference to Vuk Branković.

According to Ottoman defters of 1525—1561 the sanjak of Vučitrn included the following towns: Vučitrn, Priština, Janjevo, Novo Brdo, Belasica, Belo Brdo, Koporići, Trepča and Donja Trepča. In 1459-1826 it was part of Rumelia Eyalet, except for a brief period after 1541 when it was included into newly established Budin Eyalet. It was also part of Temeşvar Eyalet briefly before returning to Rumelia Eyalet.

Contemporary documents like the 1566-7 defter of the sanjak show that the c. 1000 villages of the region were mostly inhabited by Christians, with Muslims comprising forty-six households not in compact communities but spread in thirty villages. As in nearby Pristina the rate of conversion of Orthodox Slavs to Islam was low. Ottoman traveller Evliya Çelebi visited the capital of the sanjak in 1660 and observed that the population spoke "Albanian and Turkish, but not Bosnian". Among the Christians a Catholic community also existed as evidenced by a local landmark known as the "Latin cemetery" (Albanian: varrezat latine).

In 1717, during the Austro-Turkish War, an uprising broke out in the sanjak, raised by the Serb rayah. It was brutally suppressed.

In 1864 during the administrative reforms of the era, it was demoted to a kaza of the newly established sanjak of Pristina.


A group of mines on the Kopaonik mountain together with those in Novo Brdo and Janjevo belonged to this sanjak.


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