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Saniku Gakuin College

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Type  Private
Administrative staff  22 (May 2012)
Phone  +81 470-84-0111
Academic staff  40 (May 2012)
President  Katsumi Higashide
Campus  Suburb
Number of students  210 (May 2012)
Saniku Gakuin College
Established  Founded 1898 Chartered 2008
Location  Ōtaki, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Address  1500 Kugahara, Otaki, Isumi District, Chiba Prefecture 298-0251, Japan
Motto  To Make People Whole Through Christ's Love
Similar  Kamedairyo University, Yokkaichi Nursing and Medi, Shijonawate Gakuen University, Saku University, Japan University of Health

Saniku gakuin college choir

Saniku Gakuin College (三育学院大学, San'iku gakuin daigaku) is a co-educational, Christian, private university in Japan. The main campus is located in Ōtaki, Chiba, Japan. The college is a part of the world-wide network of Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) institutions of higher education, the world's second largest Christian school system.


Dr lee visited pmm pastors at saniku gakuin college


The history of the college began in 1898 when William C. Grainger, an SDA missionary, founded Shiba Bible School (芝和英聖書学校, Shiba waei seisho gakkō) in Azabu, Tokyo. In 1914 the school was moved to Suginami and renamed Amanuma Gakuin. In 1926 the school was moved to Sodegaura, Chiba and renamed Nihon San’iku Gakuin. The name San’iku (三育), combination of (san, "three") and (iku, "to nourish, to bring up"), means "to make people whole" in physical (corpus), intellectual (mens) and spiritual (spiritus) attributes.

In 1943, during World War II, the school was forcibly closed. The school was resumed in 1947 after the war. In 1971 the school foundation established Saniku Gakuin Junior College with one department (Department of English Language). In 1978 the college was moved to the present Otaki Campus. In 1987 the college added the Department of Nursing, which became a four-year college in 2008.


The university has no graduate schools as of April 2012.

Undergraduate schools

  • Faculty of Nursing
  • The students study at Otaki Campus during their first 2.5 years, then move to Tokyo Campus next to Tokyo Adventist Hospital in Suginami. After one-year clinical study at Tokyo, they move to Otaki Campus again.

    Affiliated schools

  • Saniku Gakuin Junior College
  • Department of English Communications
  • Saniku Gakuin College (technical college)
  • Department of Theology
  • Department of Christian Education
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