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Sanatoriums of the Caucasian Mineral Waters

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The Caucasian Mineral Waters is a group of spa resorts, protected by government ecological region in the Russian Federation. It includes towns of Pyatigorsk, Zheleznovodsk, Yessentuki, Kislovodsk, Kumagorsk (Mineral Waters), and resort location of Naguta.


The Caucasian Mineral Waters is a unique Russian resort complex that has no analogues on the European Asian continent. There are more than 115 sanatoriums, specialized in the treatment of various illnesses. That fact defines the Caucasian Mineral Waters as the main, composite, and versatile recreation area in Russia. This region is famous for the beautiful nature and landscape, mild climate, highly effective medicinal mud of Lake Tambukan, and unique mineral springs (about 300).

There are 118 spa resorts supplied with modern medical and diagnostic equipment, 26 touristic and hotel complexes, which are able to locate more than 40 thousand people at the same time.


In 1913, more than thirty seven thousand patients visited the Caucasian Mineral Waters (however, there was no system of medical institutions; the first sanatoriums started to appear only at the beginning of the 20th century).

During the Civil War, the place fell into decay; only seven thousand people came here to cure themselves in 1922. However, in 1928 a number of patients increased to 90 thousand people. During the Second World War, more than 900 thousand wounded and sick people got medical treatment here.

By the year 1980, eighty-two sanatoriums and sixteen guesthouses were available for tourists. Nowadays every year about one million people come here to get treatment.

Spa-resort base

Specialists developed indications and contra-indications to the medical treatment in the region of the Caucasian Mineral Waters – for adults, teenagers and children. These indicators are developed with taking into account character of natural medical factors of the resorts, climatic and geographical features of the region and its influence on the healthy and ill organism.


Resorts in Zheleznovodsk have two profiles: gastrointestinal tract disorders, kidney disease and urinary tract disorders.

Sanatoriums of Zheleznovodsk

  • Beshtau
  • Gorny Vozduch
  • Dubovaya Roscha
  • Dubrava
  • Zheleznovodsk
  • Zdorov’je
  • Kavkaz
  • Lesnoj
  • Pyatigorsk

    Base of medical treatment in Pyatigorsk sanatoriums is balneal-, mud-therapy.


  • Lermontov’s
  • Kirov’s
  • Don
  • Zori Stavropolya
  • Mashuk
  • Lesnaya Polyana
  • Rodnik
  • Tarchany
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