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Salvatore Martinez

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Name  Salvatore Martinez

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Salvatore Martinez (Enna, 1966) is the first layperson to serve as the president of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Italy.


Salvatore Martinez Insieme con lo Spirito Santo unica corrente di Grazia

He published 25 books, including Sospinti dallo Spirito in May 2014. His previous book was Papa Francesco e lo Spirito Santo. Novità, armonia, missione (Pope Francis and the Holy Spirit. Novelty, harmony, mission). Some of his books have been translated into English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish and Mandarin.

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He is an expert in sacred music, and a composer of songs used in the liturgical repertoire, which are recorded in more than 20 musical productions for choir and orchestra, translated and used in many parts of the world.

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He collaborates with Italian and foreign magazines on themes of spirituality.

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As a conference speaker he has spoken in thirty-five countries on all five continents on spirituality, with special emphasis on youth, families and priests, on the promotion of the laity, social discomfort, the social doctrine of the Church. He has been invited by Bishops' conferences, by social and cultural institutions and other bodies.

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Personal life

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He is a graduate in Paleography and Musical philology with highest honors at the University of Pavia, with a thesis of specialization on the history of the Pontiffs of the first millennium.

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He married Luciana Leone.


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He was a teacher and consultant for the Pontifical Universities in Rome and around the world.

Beginning in 2002 he coordinated the Italian Delegation for the "National Prayer Breakfast”"in Washington D.C., at which he spoke on the Middle East.

He was nominated by the Pope, as an auditor, for the synod on the “New Evangelization” from October 7 to 28, 2012. He was part of the delegation of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem Pope Francis' May 2014 visit to the Holy Land.

He presided at the Olympic Stadium of Rome (June 1–2, 2014) with Pope Francis, the XXXVII Convocation of the Renwal.


He is Consultor of three Pontifical Dicasteries. In March 2008, Pope Benedict XVI nominated him Consultor of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, an appointment that was renewed by Pope Francis in 2013 ad quinquennium. In September 2009 he became Consultor for the Pontifical Council for the Family renewed by Pope Francis in 2014 ad quinquennium. in April 2012 he became Consultor for the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization.

Vatican Foundation

He is President of the Vatican Foundation “International Center Family of Nazareth” founded on October 17, 2012 by Benedict XVI, with juridical canonical public and Vatican civil personality, for the development of the Magisterium of the Family in the world, with a special mandate to build and manage the "Home of the Pope for the families" at Nazareth, as an ecumenical and interreligious dialogue of peace in the Middle East (a wish of Pope John Paul II announced at Rio de Janeiro in 1997, and renewed by Benedict XVI in 2009 and by Francis in 2014 in occasion of the papal trips to the Holy Land).

Renewal in the Spirit in Italy

The Renewal in the Spirit in Italy is a private association of faithful whose Statutes have been recognized by the Italian Episcopal Conference and the Holy See. It has about 1900 groups and communities in Italy, with over 250,000 members (about 300 groups in Sicily with over 20,000 members), nine missions outside Italy (including the Republic of Moldova, Israel, Jordan), four national residential schools, a publishing house, a foundation for the promotion of socially useful projects, and society of services for the organization of Events.


  • International Charismatic Consultation, an ecumenical organization that brings together the principal Christian charismatic leaders in the world.
  • Association “Scienza e Vita” (brings together bodies of Christian inspiration in the bioethical field.)
  • Directive of the “Forum of Family Associations” which brings together 52 Associations, Bodies and Institutions linked to the promotion of the family
  • Office of the presidency of “Rete in Opera” which brings together the 18 principal catholic organizations or of Christian inspiration who operate in the social field in Italy (2011-2014)
  • Foundation, Institute of human promotion "Mons. Francesco Di Vincenzo", a corporate body to work for the integration of social forms that are the foundation of human dignity (Church, family, education, work), which has given birth to “Polo di eccellenza della solidarietà e della promozione umana «Mario e Luigi Sturzo»”, a social work for the redemption of prisoners and their families. President 2000-
  • Foundation “Casa Museo Sturzo” - President
  • Foundation “Alleanza del Rinnovamento nello Spirito” - President
  • Foundation Moldova “Alleanza del RnS” - President
  • Youth Arise International - International vice president
  • Publications

  • Come colui che serve, 1997, Coop. RnS (As one who serves)
  • L’accoglienza, 1999, Edizioni RnS (Welcoming)
  • Voglio parlare ai vostri cuori, 2000, Edizioni RnS (I want to speak to your hearts)
  • Sulle orme dello Spirito, 2002, Edizioni RnS (In the foot setps of the Spirit)
  • Esperienza dei carismi - In un incontro di preghiera comunitaria (con padre Giuseppe Bentivegna), 2002, Edizioni RnS (Experience of charisms – in a prayer meeting)
  • La guida pastorale - Missione di un responsabile nel servizio carismatico (con padre Giuseppe Bentivegna), 2002, Edizioni RnS (Pastoral guidance – the mission of a leader in charismatic service)
  • Per un Roveto Ardente di preghiera, 2002, Edizioni RnS (For a Burning Bush of prayer)
  • Voi fratelli non lasciatevi scoraggiare nel fare il bene, 2003, Edizioni RnS (You brothers and sisters do not be discouraged in doing good)
  • Sintesi del cammino spirituale e pastorale, 2004, Edizioni RnS (A summary of the spiritual and pastoral journey of 2004)
  • Il Vangelo dello Spirito Santo in Giovanni Paolo II (a cura di Salvatore Martinez), 2005, Edizioni RnS (The Gospel of the Holy Spirit)
  • Cristoterapia della gioia, 2006, Edizioni RnS (Christ therapy of joy)
  • Uno solo è lo Spirito, 2006, Edizioni RnS (The Spirit is one)
  • C’è una speranza che non delude, 2007, Edizioni RnS (There is a hope that does not disappoint)
  • Un tempo per seminare un tempo per raccogliere, 2007, Edizioni RnS (A time to sow, a time to reap)
  • Una straordinaria apologia della Spirito Santo (a cura di Salvatore Martinez), 2008, Edizioni RnS (An extraordinary apologetics of the Holy Spirit)
  • Ho visto il Signore, 2008, Edizioni RnS (I saw the Lord)
  • Famiglia ritorna all’Amore, 2009, Edizioni RnS (Family, return to Love)
  • Ridire la fede, ridare la speranza, rifare la carità, 2011, Edizioni RnS (Proclaim the faith again, give hope again, make charity once more)
  • Abbiamo bisogno di questo Rinnovamento!, 2011, Edizioni RnS (We need this Renewal)
  • I cinque sguardi di Maria, 2012, Edizioni RnS (The five gazes of Mary)
  • Spalanca il cuore a Gesù e annuncia il Vangelo, 2013, Edizioni RnS (Open your heart to Jesus and announce the Gospel)
  • Papa Francesco e lo Spirito Santo (a cura di Salvatore Martinez), 2014, Edizioni RnS (Pope Francis and the Holy Spirit)
  • Sospinti dallo Spirito - Ripartiamo dal Cenacolo, 2014, Edizioni San Paolo (Encouraged by the Holy Spirit – Let’s move from the Upper Room)
  • Il Rinnovamento serve alla Chiesa, 2015, Edizioni RnS (The Church is in need of the Renewal)
  • References

    Salvatore Martinez Wikipedia