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Salma Ghazali

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Origin  Djelfa, Algeria
Role  Singer
Name  Salma Ghazali
Genres  Arabic music
Salma Ghazali Arabookingcom Salma Ghezali
Similar People  Amal Bouchoucha, Joseph Attieh, Amani Swissi, Hisham Abdulrahman, Star Academy 3

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Selma Sleiman Ghezali ( Selma was born in Algeria on the 25th of June. Her sign is Cancer) Djelfa, Algeria), also known as Selma Ghezali (in Arabic سلمى غزالي) is an Algerian Singer. & Presenter.


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She became notable after her performance in the 2005 edition of Star Academy. To date, she has recorded two songs, "Benakes" and "Kolou Jadid 2" album by Rotana, also another single called "Min Ayouni". In 2005, she married the Jordanian Bashar Ghazawi, another Star Academy alumni from season 2 of the program and they lived in Lebanon for about a Year and so then Moved on to Jordan. In the mean time she was hosting a program called "mara terba7 o mara teksab". And she was the presenter of a game show called "3ish barari". They have two Son's Zayn and Taym.

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Salma Ghazali Arabookingcom Salma Ghezali
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