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Sakura Wars: The Movie

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Director  Mitsuru Hongo
Country  Japan
5.2/10 IMDb

Language  Japanese
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Release date  December 22, 2001 (2001-12-22)
Writer  Oji Hiroi (creator), Mitsuru Hongo (screenplay), Oji Hiroi (screenplay), Hiroyuki Nishimura (screenplay), Nobutoshi Terado (screenplay)

Sakura Wars: The Movie (サクラ大戦 活動写真, Sakura Taisen: Katsudō Shashin) is a 2001 Japanese animated film adaptation of the Sakura Wars series directed and co-written by Mitsuru Hongō. It was first released in Japan on December 22, 2001, along with Slayers Premium, Di Gi Charat - A Trip to the Planet and Azumanga Daioh: The Animation.

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The film takes place a few months after Sakura Wars 3. Lachette Altair is dispatched to the Imperial Capital Tokyo from New York to work for the Imperial Assault Force's Flower division while division captain Ichirō Ōgami is in Paris. Under the leadership of mafia member Brent Furlong, the American Douglas-Stewart company unveils a plan to make the division obsolete by using Japhkiels. Soon, the Flower Division and Lachette are drawn into the heart of Douglas-Stewart's plans.

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The film was licensed in North America by Geneon (then known as Pioneer). In 2013, the film was licensed by Funimation Entertainment.

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On Christmas Eve in 1926 Tokyo, the Imperial Revue celebrating Leni Milchstrasse's 17th birthday following a performance at the Great Imperial Theater. With division captain Ichirō Ōgami in Paris, Moon Division Captain Yūichi Kayama joins in the celebration. The next morning, on Christmas Day, Sumire Kanzaki and Maria Tachibana visit a theater, where Maria finds out that Brent was one of the mafia members in New York when Maria visited the United States years earlier. At the Great Imperial Theater, Ratchet Altair arrives from New York City to be assigned into the Imperial Assault Force Flower Division. Douglas-Stewart president Brent Furlong and his subordinate, Patrick Hamilton, summon the Kouma to obliterate a city. The Flower Division is summoned to the battlefield where the Kouma are at. However, during the battle, Ratchet appears in an Eisenkleid and briefly battles the Kouma. They retreat and the Flower Division is introduced to Ratchet. Meanwhile, Brent and another one of his subordinates, Haruyoshi Tanuma, arrive at the facility where the Japhkiels, robots made by Douglas-Stewart, are made. One of them attacks Tanuma to his horror. Patrick uses a soundwave technique to stop the attacking Japhkiel.

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After the division suffers injuries sustained in battles, division commander Ikki Yoneda and count Yoritsune Hakakōji are suddenly captured by Patrick, the army assumes command the theater, and the Flower Division is ordered on indefinite standby. Orihime is ordered to go in her Eisenkleid, but she is ambushed and manipulated by Patrick. Meanwhile, Maria investigates the Douglas-Stewart facility and is injured following an ambush by Patrick. At the Flower Mansion, the seven remaining members of the Flower Division and Yokihiko Ōta of the Rose Division, who reveals that the army was being manipulated by Douglas-Stewart, work together to take back the theater. Using Ri Kohran's Katsuryu-maru, the seven are able to regain control of the theater and overpower the army. Following another battle with the Kouma, the Division battles Orihime. During the struggle, Ratchet inadvertently critically damages Leni's Eisenkleid in the process in an attempt to kill her. Orihime releases power blasts at the division, but they destroy her Eisenkleid and return her to normal. Kayama rescues Yoneda and Hanakōji while the facility is destroyed, but Brent flees. Using the remaining Japhkiels, Brent confronts the Flower Division and overpowers them, destroying Ratchet's Eisenklied in the process. Following an ambush on Brent by division captain Ichirō Ōgami, the division successfully kills Brent. Meanwhile, Maria confronts Patrick once again and defeats him with a spirit powered bullet. Later, the Flower Division performs a play based on Kyōka Izumi's The Sea God's Villa and turns out to be a success.

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