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Saiyad Usman Mosque

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Location  Ahmedabad
Status  Active
Opened  1460
Affiliation  Islam
State  Gujarat
Architectural type  Mosque and tomb
Architectural style  Indo-Islamic architecture
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Municipality  Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
Heritage designation  Monument of National Importance ASI Monument No. N-GJ-29
Similar  Malik Alam's Mosque, Achut Bibi's Mosque, Miya Khan Chishti's Mosque, Dastur Khan's Mosque, Haibat Khan's Mosque

Saiyad Usman Mosque, alternatively spelled as Syed or Saiyyed, also known as Usmanpura Dargah or Roza or Saiyad Oosman Mausoleum, is a medieval tomb and mosque in Usmanpura, Ahmedabad, India.



Saiyad Usman was the minister of Qutubul Alam, also known as Saiyad Burhanuddin. He founded the Usmanpura village which is now the part of Ahmedabad. He died in 1458 and the mausoleum dedicated to him was built by Mahmud Begada in 1460. It is architecturally similar to Ganj Baksh tomb at Sarkhej Roza.

The mosque was havily damaged in 2001 Gujarat earthquake but was restored by Archaeological Survey of India in 2009.


The mosque, with a minaret at each end, is in the style of the Sarkhej Roza. The mosque is a pure Hindu style without an arch. Inside, the arrangement of pillars, is neither so simple nor so clear as at Sarkhej. One peculiarity of tho tomb is that its dome is supported on twelve instead of on eight pillars. This change gives much variety and the tomb is altogether the most successful sepulchral design carried out in the pillared style at Ahmedabad.


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