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Saitama at large district

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Saitama at-large district is a three-member constituency of the House of Councillors, the upper house of the national Diet of Japan. It consists of Saitama and elects three Councillors for six-year terms every three years by single non-transferable vote.

Until a reapportionment in the 1990s, effective in the 1995 and 1998 Councillors elections, Saitama was a two-member district electing a total of four Councillors.

Current Councillors from Saitama are:

  • in the class of 2010 (term ends 2016):
  • Masakazu Sekiguchi (LDP, Nukaga faction), 3rd term,
  • Makoto Nishida (Kōmeitō), 2nd term,
  • Motohiko Ōno (DPJ), 1st term.
  • in the class of 2007 (term ends 2013):
  • Kuniko Kōda (DPJ), 1st term,
  • Toshiharu Furukawa (LDP, Machimura faction), 1st term, and
  • Ryūji Yamane (DPJ, Kawabata (=ex-DSP) group), 2nd term.
  • Historical Councillors elected from Saitama

    Party affiliations as of election day; #: resigned to run in Saitama gubernatorial election; †: died in office.


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