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Saint Brieuc

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Country  France
Region  Brittany

Area  45,879
Mayor  Bruno Joncour (MoDem)
Saint Brieuc in the past, History of Saint Brieuc

Map of Saint-Brieuc

Saint-Brieuc ([sɛ̃ bʁijø], Breton: Sant-Brieg [sãnt ˈbriːɛk], Gallo: Saent-Berioec) is a commune in the Côtes-d'Armor department in Brittany in northwestern France.


Saint Brieuc Beautiful Landscapes of Saint Brieuc

Saint brieuc in brittany france

La baie de saint brieuc reportage thalassa diffuse le 11 novembre 2011


Saint Brieuc Beautiful Landscapes of Saint Brieuc

Saint-Brieuc is named after a Welsh monk Brioc, who Christianised the region in the 6th century and established an oratory there. Bro Sant-Brieg/Pays de Saint-Brieuc, one of the nine traditional bishoprics of Brittany which were used as administrative areas before the French Revolution, was named after Saint-Brieuc. It also dates from the Middle Ages when the "pays de Saint Brieuc," or Penteur, was established by Duke Arthur II of Brittany as one of his eight "battles" or administrative regions.


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The town is located by the English Channel, on the Bay of Saint-Brieuc. Two rivers flow through Saint-Brieuc: the Goued/Gouët and the Gouedig/Gouédic.

Other towns of notable size in the département of Côtes d'Armor are Gwengamp/Guingamp, Dinan, and Lannuon/Lannion all sous-préfectures.

In 2009, large amounts of sea lettuce, a type of algae, washed up on many beaches of Brittany, and when it rotted it emitted dangerous levels of hydrogen sulphide. A horse and some dogs died and a council worker driving a truckload of it fell unconscious at the wheel and died.

Neighboring communes

Langueux, La Méaugon, Plérin, Ploufragan, Trégueux and Trémuson.


Saint-Brieuc is one of the towns in Europe that host the IU Honors Program.

The Cemetery of Saint Michel contains graves of several notable Bretons, and sculptures by Paul le Goff and Jean Boucher. Outside the wall is Armel Beaufils's statue of Anatole Le Braz. Le Goff, who was killed with his two brothers in World War I, is also commemorated in a street and with his major sculptural work La forme se dégageant de la matière in the central gardens, which also includes a memorial to him by Jules-Charles Le Bozec and work by Francis Renaud.

The town of St. Brieux in Saskatchewan, Canada is named after Saint-Brieuc of Brittany. It was founded by immigrants from this region in Brittany. It was settled in the early 1900s.


Inhabitants of Saint-Brieuc are called briochins in French.

Breton language

In 2008, 3.98% of primary school children attended bilingual schools.


The Saint-Brieuc railway station, situated on the Paris–Brest railway, is connected by TGV Atlantique to Paris Montparnasse station, journey time is about 3 hours.

There are no scheduled air services from Saint-Brieuc – Armor Airport.


Saint-Brieuc is hometown of many personalities:

  • Octave-Louis Aubert (1870–1950), editor
  • Maryvonne Dupureur (1937–2008), athlete, Olympic 800m silver medallist
  • Émile Durand (1830–1903), music theorist and teacher
  • Léonard Charner (1797–1869), senator and Admiral of France
  • Auguste Villiers de l'Isle-Adam (1838–1889), symbolist writer
  • Louis Auguste Harel de La Noë (1852-1931), engineer
  • Célestin Bouglé (1870–1940), philosopher
  • Louis Guilloux (1899–1980), writer
  • Henri Nomy (1899–1971), admiral
  • Patrick Dewaere (1947–1982), actor
  • Kévin Théophile-Catherine,footballer
  • Louis Rossel (1844-1871) - Army officer and Communard
  • Florent Du Bois de Villerabel, archbishop forced to resign after France's liberation in World War II
  • Mamadou Wague, footballer
  • Raymond Hains (1926-2005), artist
  • Anaclet Wamba (1960–), boxer
  • Yelle (Julie Budet) 1983 – present, musician
  • Roland Fichet 1950 – present, Author, Philosopher
  • International relations

    Saint-Brieuc préfecture of the Côtes-d'Armor is twinned with :

  • Aberystwyth, Wales, United Kingdom
  • Agia Paraskevi, Greece
  • Alsdorf, Germany
  • Goražde, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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