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Language spoken  Tamil
District  Chennai District
State  Tamil Nadu

Saidapet in the past, History of Saidapet

Map of Saidapet

Saidapet is a neighbourhood in Chennai (Madras), India. The Saidapet Court, the only other court of judicature in Chennai city apart from the Madras High Court and the Saidapet bus depot are located here. Prior to its incorporation in Madras city, Saidapet functioned as the administrative headquarters of Chingleput district. Saidapet is also known as Saidai. The neighbourhood is served by Saidapet railway station of the Chennai Suburban Railway Network.


Saidapet was founded by the Nawab of the Carnatic in the 18th century AD and was named Sayyid Khan Pettah after Sayyid Khan, the army commander of the Nawab's forces. When the kingdom began to decline, Saidapet was occupied by the British East India Company and was made the administrative headquarters of Chingleput district. The health district in Chengalpet district is split into Saidapet hud and Kanchipuram hud. Panagal building which is a part of Saidapet is a famous landmark.

Sapaattukkadai super biriyani west saidapet

Settu chapathi kadai saidapet


Saidapet is named after Sayyid Shah (Sayyid Musalman Sahib), a high-ranking 18th-century official of the court of the Nawab of Arcot. The then Nawab of Arcot gifted these parts to Sayyid Shah in 1730. However, Saidapet at that time also included Kotturpuram and Nandanam.

The Maraimalai Adigal Bridge (previously the Marmalong Bridge) connects the northern banks of the Adyar river with the south. This bridge was originally built in 1726 by Coja Petrus Uscan. The dilapidated old bridge was replaced by a new one in the 1960s built as part of the reconstruction and modernization efforts.

Saidapet was obtained by the British East India Company in the 1700s along with the jaghir of Chingleput. From 1859 to 1947, Saidapet served as the district headquarters of Chingleput District. In 1947, the headquarters was shifted to Chengalpattu. Saidapet was included in Madras city during 1945-46 and since then forms a part of the corporation. Saidapet had a large weaver population and handlooms were in operation as late as 1990. It was quite notorious for filariasis in the olden day.

Railway station

The Suburban Railway station in Saidapet is located between the stations of Guindy and Mambalam. It is easily accessible from the main road. Recently, Automatic Ticket Vending machines have been introduced here.


Saidapet has a MTC bus terminus located on Anna Salai. There are frequent bus services originating from this place to other important parts of the city and outskirts. Many buses also pass through this area and offers excellent connectivity to various places and West Saidapet has a MTC bus terminus located on West Jones Road.

Metro Rail

Plans have been finalised by the local government to build a Metro Rail which connects to Alandur in the South and Chamiers road in the North as part of the Chennai Metro Rail Scheme. The tentative year of completion is 2013. Recently in 2016 Little Mount Metro Rail completed connecting metro rail service to various parts of Chennai.


  1. The bridge located near the market on Jeenis road serves as a vital link to Mount Road from West Saidapet.
  2. Jones road underpass serve an important link for West Saidapet and Jaffarkhanpet.
  3. Aranganathan subway serves to connect Ashok Nagar and Mambalam.
  4. Alandhur bridge to connect Guindy Industrial Estate and West Saidapet, it helps to by-pass Guindy Katipara bridge to reach Mount road from 100 Feet road.

Important Places

Saidapet has a very busy shopping market place called the Bazaar Road. It is famous for its fish and meat market attracting buyers from faraway places.

Todhunter nagar...this is the other important place where there is lot of peoples living apart from other places


  • Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  • St. Mary's Higher Secondary School
  • Fathima Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  • Corporation Boys Higher Secondary School
  • Girls Higher Secondary School respectively (Primitively named as Manthoppu School-since the place was a mango groove which belonged to the temple)
  • Annai Veilankanni's Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  • Government model higher secondary school

  • Geetha Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  • Colleges

    The most familiar College in Saidapet is the Teachers Training College. Tamilnadu Open University which is latest university for distance education has established. Familiar Anna University in Guindy and Government Arts College in Nandanam are closely located to Saidapet.

    Karaneeswarar temple

    This temple is located next to the Saidapet Railway station. This temple has a 7-storied Gopuram with two prakarams(closed precincts of a temple). The main deity is Lord Karaneeswara and Goddess Swarnaambikai. This temple has a beautiful tank. The temple is heavily crowded on Pradhosham days. Annual ten-day Brahmotsavam takes place in the Tamil month of Chithirai. During Chitirai thirvizha, people visit the temple in huge numbers and there will be a daily spiritual talk on Thiruvasagam about Lord shiva. On the "Shiv Rathri" occasion the temple is attractively decorated.

    Sri Devi Ankgalamman Koil

    This temple is located near Saidapet Railway station. During the Tamil month of Masi, Mayana Kollai is organized in this temple.

    Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal kovil

    According to an old inscription, This temple was constructed in the middle of the 15th century. It is popularly known as Perumal Kovil of Saidapet. The main deity is Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal. Annual Brahmotsavam takes place during the Tamil month of Chithirai. Vaikunta Ekadasi festival is very famous here. Other two famous festivals are Rathasapthami held in the month of February and Thotta Urchavam held in the month of march. One more important function in this temple is that "Sri Parthasarathy Swamy of Triplicane visits this temple yearly once on the first Sunday of February.

    Kadumbaadi Chinnamman kovil

    This is a famous Shakthi temple in West Saidapet. Annual brahmotsavam takes place during the Tamil month of Aadi.

    Ilangaali Amman Kovil

    This is a very famous and popular temple in saidapet. People of all caste come here and pray to illangaali amman. During the Adi season the temple is flooded with the followers. Great thiruvizha functions will be held during adi seasons.

    Anjaneyar temple

    This Hanuman temple is situated on the banks of the Adyar river. There is one more Anjaneyar temple facing the Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal kovil. It is said the Hanuman in this temple is incarnated in such a way that he is worshipping Lord Rama situated at the Narasimha temple.

    Subramanya Swamy temple

    This temple is situated in the center of Saidapet. Its main deity is Lord Subramanya Swamy (Muruga) and has a 5 storied gopuram. Annual brahmotsavam takes place in the month of Masi and the deity is taken in procession for 10 days.

    Soundareswarar temple

    This temple is situated in the centre of Saidapet, near to the newly constructed Market Subway which links to the Anna Salai and Alandur. Its main deity is Lord Soundareswarar and Lord Thirupurasundari. Lord Varasithi Vinayar facing West is a famous one. The Stala Virutcham is Vanni Maram and is being worshipped on Saturdays by the devotees of Saidapet, Mambalam, K K Nagar, Velacherry etc. The temple is also known as Vada Thirunaraiyur. Vanni, Vilvam and Konrai, the three trees are known for Shiva's worship, are available in this temple. Leaves of Vanni maram is used for the archana for Saneesvaran. Annual brahmotsavam take place in the month of Ani and the deity is taken in processing for 10 days. This Temples comes under HR&CE control. Last Kumbabizhegam was performed during 01-02-1988 by the temple Sivachariar Late.C.K.Krishnamurthy Gurukkal.

    The temple is further renovated and a Kumbabhizegam was performed on 11 March 2012 with the support of generous donors of the temple devotees through the campaign of the Kumbabizega Committee of temple and the Kumbabhizegam went well with the presence the holiness Salem Swamigal, Thiruvanammali Sisters, Thirupananthal madam Kattalai and Sannitham and the Government Officials viz. Chennai Mayor - Mr.Duraiswami, Saidapet Legislative member - Mr.G.Senthimazhan participated the Kumbabhizegam.

    The temple is very nice to see and the breeze of three vrikchas providing the heeling touch to all the devotees and the spiritual vibration of temple lead each of us to have a Dharshan of Sri Soundareswarar and Thirupurasundari at least once in a life to cleanse our sins and make our soul happy and peaceful.

    Blessings from Lord Soundareswarar & Thirupurasundari with their son who faces west Varasithi Vinayagar who help the entire city with his blessings.


    Saidapet has about seven churches, Our Lady of Good Health church has a congregation of 1000 families and is situated on LDG street, the NLAG Church is situated across the bridge. It is the biggest Assembly of God church in Tamil Nadu. C.S.I Church of Jesus the Savior located in prime location in Saidapet was congregated in 1902 and one among the oldest congregation in Chennai. C.S.I St.Thomas Church located in Saidapet is 85 years old with 400 families as its members. It was re-constructed in 2012.

    Little Mount Church

    A few meters south of the MaraiMalai Adigalar Bridge is the hill formation called Little Mount. On top of this mountain is a church dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health. The original church was built by the Portuguese in 1551 AD. The new church was built after demolishing a part of old church in the 1970s. According to history - 'St. Thomas the Apostle' lived in a cave under the Church, which is well preserved even today. The Church holds an annual festival in honor of Our Lady on the fifth Saturday of Easter. Recently, this Church was elevated to the status of a Shrine.


  • Dastagir Sahib Jamia Mosque, E Jones Rd, West Saidapet, Saidapet
  • Masjid-ul-Hafiz, Anna Nagar, West Saidapet, Saidapet
  • Masjid Hudha, Godamedu, Anna Nagar, West Saidapet, Saidapet
  • Jafferkhanpet Mosque, Jawahar Nagar, West Saidapet, Saidapet
  • Engineering College Mosque, Near Anna University Campus, 1st St, Srinagar Colony, West Saidapet, Saidapet
  • Masjid-e-Mohammedia, Venkta Puram, West Saidapet, Saidapet
  • Masjid E Hidayah, Venkta Puram, West Saidapet, Saidapet
  • Masjid-e-Mohammedia, Karpaga Vinayaka Nagar, West Saidapet, Saidapet
  • Hanafi Masjid, Venkta Puram, West Saidapet, Saidapet
  • TNTJ Masjid, Appavu Nagar, West Saidapet, Saidapet
  • St. Thomas Community Hall

    This hall is located opposite Our Lady of Good Health church and is run by the church officials. The hall in the first floor has a capacity of about 250 people and the dining hall on the ground floor can seat about 70 people. Car parking is inadequate inside the compound. Cars are usually parked outside the compound in the land belonging to church.


    Saidapet assembly constituency is part of Chennai South (Lok Sabha constituency). It occupies an important place in Tamil Nadu politics being the starting place for election rallies. Karunanidhi was once elected from this constituency.


    Saidapet Wikipedia

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