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Sabhash suri full movie

Sabhash (English: Bravo) is a Tamil thriller film directed by K. Subash featuring R. Parthiepan, Divya Unni and Ranjith which was released on 1 September 2000. The film was remade in Hindi as Vaadaa (2005).


Sabhash movie scenes Sabash Ramudu Movie Relangi KVS Sharma Devika Nice Scene

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Sabhash movie scenes Sabash Ramudu Movie Relangi Malini Nice Comedy Scene

The movie opens with Cheenu (R. Parthiepan), who is blind, and his good friend Dharan (Ranjith) finding out that Cheenu's wife Shanti (Divya Unni) has died by hanging herself in their house. The police close the case as a suicide. Evidence surfaces which point to Dharan's guilt. But he resolutely maintains that he is innocent while Cheenu too believes his friend. It keeps the suspense alive successfully first with respect to Ranjith's innocence and then the reason behind the happenings.

``Sabash. It belongs to the Hollywood genre of films like ``Sleuth where two people are pitted against each other. The whole film is about how each tries to outwit the other.

Here, the two persons in focus are Parthiban and Ranjith. Parthiban plays Seenu, a loving husband of Shanti (Divya Unni), while Ranjith plays Dharan, Shanti's ex-lover. Life is going great for Shanti and Seenu when, in an accident, Seenu loses his eyesight. Enters Dharan. And, Shanti commits suicide. But why?

Parthiban seems convinced that his wife has been murdered and all the evidence points towards Dharan. Suddenly one day, Dharan discovers that Seenu is not blind, after all. So then, could Seenu have murdered his wife? Or was it Dharan? Or was it suicide? Why did Seenu pretend to be blind?


  • Parthiban as Cheenu
  • Divya Unni as Shanti
  • Ranjith as Dharan
  • Delhi Ganesh as Shanti's father
  • Thalaivasal Vijay
  • Mohan V. Raman
  • Pandu
  • Ilavarasu
  • Soundtrack

    The film score and the soundtrack were composed by film composer Deva and the lyrics were written by the director, K. Subash himself and Na. Muthukumar.

  • Bala Killadi
  • Kalakuda
  • Kanavae
  • Thank You
  • Ulagam Sutri
  • Reception

    The Hindu wrote "The story [..] has several plot twists, some of which are predictable. But in a film that is supposed to be a murder mystery, the badly choreographed song sequences seem to be rude interruptions. Ideally, the film would have worked better if the songs had been cut out and the editing had been tighter." Thiraipadam wrote "The director does have a good kernel of an idea for a crime thriller — a genre that is populated by very few memorable entries in tamil cinema. But he fails to build up on the idea to deliver the goods. An erratic tone, misplaced comedy, sloppy editing and intrusive, unimaginative song sequences cut into the promising idea at the heart of the movie and the results, [..] are another weak entry into the thriller genre and sadness at a botched opportunity."


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