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Launch date  23 February 1999
SUNSAT SunSat by vjun on DeviantArt
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Sunsat design competition

The Stellenbosch UNiversity SATellite is the first miniaturized satellite designed and manufactured in South Africa. It was launched aboard a Delta II rocket from the Vandenberg Air Force Base on 23 February 1999. Sunsat was built by post-graduate engineering students at the University of Stellenbosch. Its AMSAT designation was SO-35 (Sunsat Oscar 35).


SUNSAT Panoramio Photo of Sunsat Khakhrechi

Martian solar power satellite test bed 2015 sunsat design competition


SUNSAT sunsat mosc by WithInvisibleWings on DeviantArt
  • Size: 45 x 45 x 60 cm
  • Mass: 64 kg
  • Launcher: Delta II rocket, Mission P-91
  • Program size: US $5M (Approximate)
  • Lifetime: 4–5 years (NiCad Battery pack life)
  • Main payloads:
  • Amateur radio communications
  • Data interchange
  • Stereo multispectral imager
  • Attitude control: Gravity gradient and magnetorquers, reaction wheels when imaging
  • Accuracy: 3 mrad pitch/roll, 6 mrad yaw
  • 2 Micro Particle Impact Detectors were included as part of experiments conducted in orbit
  • A team (Zaahied Cassim and Rashid Mohamed) from Peninsula Technikon designed and built circuits for both their own piezo film technology and NASA supplied capacitive sensors.
  • SSC 25636
  • Pushboom imager

  • Ground pixel size: 15 m x 15 m
  • Image width: 51.8 km

  • SUNSAT Spectacular sunsetSt Simon39s Island GA 11613
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