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SMK Tun Abdul Razak

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SMK Tun Abdul Razak is a public secondary school at the outskirts of Kuching, the capital of the East Malaysian state, Sarawak. It is located at KM 38, Jalan Kuching/Serian. It was established in 1959 under the Colombo Plan by the Australian government and was named Dragon Secondary School. The name is derived from the hills that surround the school, like the coils of a dragon's body. The name is often falsely attributed to the winding road that leads to the school.


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Dragon School was administered by Australian personnel under the Colombo Plan until 1967 before it was taken over by the Malaysian Ministry of Education. For at least a decade after that, the Form Six classes of the school were often taught by Volunteer Service Overseas personnel from England, Australia and New Zealand.

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On 12 July 1980, Dragon School lost its unique identity when its name was changed to Kolej Tun Abdul Razak, making it indistinguishable from any other secondary school in the country.

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On 1 January 1999, its fate was sealed when it was renamed Sekolah Menangah Kebangsaan Tun Abdul Razak. It has now fallen into the obscurity of the Malaysian Education system, its unique history, forgotten by almost all but those who were lucky enough to have been educated under its roof when it was still Dragon School.

List of Principals

SMK Tun Abdul Razak Stjohn Ambulance SarawakSMK Tun Abdul Razak
  • 1959-1963 : Mr. T.A.W. Downing
  • 1964-1967 : Mr. J.A. Bunday
  • 1968-1969 : Mr. Chai Kui Ho
  • 1970 : Mr. Hii Ching Chiong
  • 1971-1977 : Mr. Jacob Chacko
  • 1978-1982 : Mr. Paul Ngui Sui Lin
  • 1982(1 term) : Mr. Bolhan Tahir
  • 1983-1987 : Mr. Oliver Katie Dobby
  • 1988-2004 : Mr. Gendin Wood
  • 2005-present : Dr. Linton @ Jerah Britten

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