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SEBURIKOKO Igice cya 2 cya filime Seburikoko kiragera hanze kuri uyu wa mbere

Seburikoko is a Rwandan Comedy TV Series created by Misago Nelly Wilson who produce it through Inyarwanda Ltd’s production Company, Afrifame Pictures. The 15-minutes episode series airs on Rwanda Television (RTV) every Monday and Thursday at 6:45 PM (4:45PM GMT) from March 2015. The series will be comprised by 4 seasons which are co-written by Mutiganda Janvier and the Series’ creator Misago Nelly Wilson and directed by Jones Kennedy Mazimpaka with the post production handled by Samples Studios. It stars an ensemble cast comprised by a Rwandan celebrated comedian Gratien Niyitegeka as a title character Seburikoko, Antoinette Uwamahoro as his wife Siperansiya, Erneste Kalisa, Ngabo Leo, Muhutukazi Mediatrice (known for her role in Rwandan radio soap opera Urunana as Kankwanzi), among many.


SEBURIKOKO Seburikoko yabaye filimi y39uruhererekane nziza muri Rwanda Movie

Seburikoko went on to be the most favorite program on Rwanda Television and at the end of 4 seasons in March 2016, the television ordered for other 4 more seasons which will last for March 2017.

SEBURIKOKO Nyuma yo kunyura kuri televiziyo y39u Rwanda filime y39uruhererekane

Ikiganiro na sekaganda seburikoko


SEBURIKOKO httpsiytimgcomvi3fa0W9EijMghqdefaultjpg

At 5th edition of Rwanda Movie Awards, the TV Series earned 8 nominations including Best TV Series, Best Director, Best Leading Actor and Actress and went on to win 4 for Best TV Series, Best director, Best cinematographer and Best Sound Engineer.


SEBURIKOKO Seburikoko OFFICIAL Trailer 2015 YouTube

SEBURIKOKO recounts a story of a man called Seburikoko who calls himself SEBU due to the reputation he feels in himself as the rich man in the neighborhood of a fictional village of Gatoto. Nothing of help he does for his family as he spends all the time out drinking, selling out home possessions bought by his wife Siperansiya who does everything to feed the family.


Their only one child Mutoni, whom they didn’t be able to put in school, has dropped out to Kigali to seek for a new life. The time comes when she decides to come back home for the war against his father. Will they change him?


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Soap opera

Creator: Misago Nelly Wilson

Writer (s): Mutiganda Janvier and Misago Nelly Wilson


SEBURIKOKO Seburikoko S01E01 Highlights YouTube* Gratien Niyitegeka * Antoinette Uwamahoro * Ernest Kalisa * Ngabo Leo * Mediatrice Muhutukazi * Leocadie Uwabeza * Nyakubyara * Gasasira Jean Pierre * Umuganwa Sara

Country of Origin: Rwanda

Original Language: Kinyarwanda

No. of Seasons: 4

Number of episodes: 96


Executive producer: Inyarwanda Ltd

Producer: Misago Nelly Wilson

Editor (s):

  • Richard Mugwaneza
  • Rodrigue Cyuzuzo
  • Cinematography: Habarurema Mustafa

    Director: Jones Kennedy Mazimpaka
    Sound: Sengabo Ally Tresor

    Camera Set-up: Single Camera

    Production Company: Afrifame Pictures

    Post-production: Samples Studios

    Distributor: RTV


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